Uckfield pool will take several months to repair

Uckfield’s pool looks set to stay closed for up to four months while a cracked pipe is repaired.

After extensive investigations - including exposure and pressure testing pipework systems, valves and tanks – contractors are confident they have found the cracked pipe deep in a structural wall near the main tank.

Manager Neil Roberts said: “We are pleased the problem has been identified but the nature of this cracked pipe and pipes and valves that form the circulation systems under the pool, means repair work will be time-consuming and expensive. We have been told it could take 16-18 weeks to complete complex pipe repair work and reseal, retile and refill the pool.”

Members and children booked for swimming lessons can go to neighbouring Freedom Leisure pools in Hailsham, Crowborough, Bexhill and other centres in Mid Sussex. Where possible extended timetables have been introduced to manage the increased numbers.