Uckfield Rotarians have a bumper Christmas

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UCKFIELD ROTARIANS are celebrating one of the best Christmas fund-raising drives ever.

Their Christmas Tree collection raised £3,195 – an increase of £482 on last year’s total.

Ribbons placed on the tree in memory of loved ones raised £361 and the President’s Appeal raised a massive £1,765, making an overall total of £5,321.

Uckfield Rotary Club spokesman Roy Thompson told the Express: “This will be put to good use for the benefit of the young and of the more mature people of Uckfield and the surrounding district who need a helping hand. Some will also go to support people who have suffered from disasters affecting the world at large. Shelter boxes in particular are a Rotary initiative and they are immediately sent to trouble spots.”

Uckfield’s Rotarians thank everyone who donated including young children who often prompted their parents to hand over their cash.

Roy said: “Members generally found it a pleasure to stand on the High Street and talk to people but they also noted some of the bad driving habits close to the town centre.”

On May 19 this year they are holding a grand Jubilee ball at the Civic Centre. As well as local people, a group of Rotarians and their partners from the Rotary Club of Le Mans will be going along. The Uckfield group is twinned with them and the town has a total of three clubs.

The group’s 2012 Daniel Gamble Making Dreams Come True is now being launched.

Roy added: “Our 2011 award winner, Rebecca Holman, did a wonderful job delivering babies in Tanzania. This would be a good story for you. The hospital that she worked at for over a month had 80 births a day with little or no pain relief for mothers.”

Rebecca received the £1,000 award from the club last year.