Uckfield’s Mini Grand Prix 2011

UCKFIELD’S Mini Grand Prix 2011 will be held in a town car park on Sunday, July 10.

The event features 20 teams of children from 19 primary schools racing kit cars to victory. On the day the TR Fastenings’ car park on the Bellbrook business park will be transformed into a racing track, with chequered flag, winning podiums, cups and prizes and lots of alcohol free bubbly for the winning teams to spray!

Usually TR Fastenings uses its expertise to supply fastenings to well known automotive companies such as Jaguar, but at this event primary school children will be racing Greenpower Goblin Kit cars that they have made themselves.

The Greenpower Goblin kit car is designed specifically to offer Year 5 and Year 6 pupils a chance to be involved in a simple, practical engineering project that embraces many relevant aspects of science and technology in a fun and exciting way.

The Mini Grand Prix starts at 11am. Each car races in two heats with each heat comprising a 12 lap relay race with six drivers. At the end of the 10 heats the cars are ranked on points and then go forward to one of five finals. The ultimate final consists of the top four cars and teams followed by the presentation of cups and prizes at 4.30pm.

Malcolm Diamond, chairman of TR Fastenings, said: “We are delighted to host the Uckfield Mini Grand Prix again this year. The Grand Prix is a really exhilarating event for the children involved and a fantastic way to introduce them to both teamwork and engineering. The children racing could be the engineers of tomorrow.”

The Mini Grand Prix event is a collaboration between Uckfield Community Technical College (UCTC) and Uckfield Rotary Club. Last year saw nearly 250 year 5 and 6 students taking part in the event with over 1,000 parents and local supporters attending.