Uckfield’s new pitch a kick away

AWP Anterior View Cropped
AWP Anterior View Cropped
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UCKFIELD’s new all weather pitch is now just a goal kick away. Jeremy Hallett, project co-ordinator said that in spite of the recession and cuts to public spending, the all weather pitch for Uckfield just has one hurdle to clear - and he’s optimistic that will happen.

The pitch was first discussed by Uckfield Town Council in 2005 when a specialist report was prepared. Since then it has been on the wish-list of every school, Uckfield Community Technology College, the town’s sports clubs and would-be fun footballers.

The scheme was hit by an early blow when its siting - on land next to the College - looked as if it would be earmarked for a building expansion scheme.

That was relocated and campaigners celebrated that the concept of the pitch now had its roots in reality.

Just over a year ago a public meeting was held where young footballers, members of the local rugby club and the head of the College described the benefits the pitch will bring to the town to a large and enthusiastic audience.

People heard that because Uckfield is largely sited on heavy clay, existing outdoor pitches were unplayable for much of the year and teams had to practise and play at neighbouring clubs and schools.

The All Weather Pitch for You (AWP4U) was formed and members lobbied hard to acquire a detailed plan and persuade funding bodies to contribute.

Jeremy says there is now £595,000 in the kitty from, among others, Sports England, Uckfield Town Council, the College, Freedom Leisure, Uckfield Grasshoppers, Uckfield Rugby Football Club, Uckfield Town Football Club and Friday Media.

All that is now awaited is the final approval from the Football Foundation which has already indicated its interest. Jeremy is still urging everyone to get behind the scheme and also contact him if they would like to play as a club or an individual.

Get in touch on: 01825 764844, ect 1252 or visit: www.awp4u.co.uk. If it gets the final go-ahead, construction work on the pitch could start this Olympic year.