Uckfield team’s mountain to climb


A TEAM of employees from one of Uckfield’s top companies has successfully scaled the highest mountain in Italy, Gran Paradiso, to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

Team JET from Itmsoil had originally planned to climb Mont Blanc, but due to southerly winds and a build-up of snow layers on the north side (the team’s ascent side,) the avalanche risk was too high for them to attempt the summit of Mont Blanc. Instead, the team conquered Gran Paradiso.

With an elevation of 4,061m, Gran Paradiso is just 700m short of Mont Blanc. It’s a challenging climb made up of a mixture of terrains, from earth and gravel at the base, through rocky boulders, glacier ice, crevasse covered snow plains and finally sharp gnarly rock formations leading to the peak.

Jo Allen, brand and marketing director at Itmsoil, comments: “The whole team was just fantastic, so enthusiastic, optimistic and supportive of each other. There wasn’t ever a cross word...just plenty of banter and rather a lot of mickey-taking which kept spirits up nicely!

“Even those who suffered injury, fear or pain did so with humour and dignity - all in all it was a seriously spirited and strong team. I’d like to say well done to all, not just for overcoming the challenges but also for the way they treated each other. Of course we would also all publicly like to thank Itmsoil and Mark Kirkbride (Group CEO) for this amazing, work and life enhancing opportunity.”

Itmsoil has chosen The Mental Health Foundation as its charity of the year, and so far over £2,100 has been raised for this fantastic charity. Fundraising through other incentives and events will continue until August 2013.

The climb is the first event of its kind for Itmsoil, and is the first annual challenge of the company’s new JET programme.

Launched earlier this year, JET (an acronym for Join, Evolve, Triumph) is an employee engagement and development programme and is a commitment to the personal and professional development of Itmsoil employees.

It’s not too late to support itmsoil’s Team JET.

Donations can be made to The Mental Health Foundation online at https://www.justgiving.com/company/itmsoil/