Uckfield traders group guards against scams

Group pic FOR NIGEL
Group pic FOR NIGEL

Local tradesmen in Uckfield have formed a group of like-minded and complementary trades called: ‘uckfieldtrustedtraders.co.uk.’ The idea is that each firm is trusted by other members who would be happy to employ them in their own homes and recommend their services to others.

The principle is that when a tradesman does a good job for a customer they are often asked if they know a good person in another trade who they would recommend, for example a plumber or an electrician. This alliance makes it simple for the group members to recommend each other and pass genuine business on to their colleagues.

Nigel Woods from Uckfield letting agents Woods Properties said: “When you need an electrician you often need a plumber or a carpenter as well. We have developed this association as we have already worked together on a regular basis and know each other’s work. We trust that our colleagues in the group will do a good job at a fair price.”

The group currently comprises a cabinetmaker, carpenter, soft furnishing supplier, plumber, electrician, surveyor, window, door and conservatory supplier and letting agent. They are looking for a builder, decorator, cleaner and garden services provider to expand the group.

Uckfield Trusted Traders meet other local businesspeople from the Uckfield chapter of Business Network International at 7am before work every Wednesday morning at the Halland Forge Hotel to share ideas.

Plumber Greg Williams said: “We work with one another on a regular basis, so we are happy to vouch for the excellent quality of one another’s work. Our motto is: ‘As recommended by other local tradesmen’ because we want to highlight to customers that if other tradespeople use us, then people are in safe hands.” To find out more visit: www.uckfieldtrustedtraders.co.uk.