UKip gains another seat in county council election for the Hailsham and Hellingly ward

Election news
Election news

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKip) has snatched another seat in the East Sussex County elections.

Cllr Laurence Victor Keeley took 20.2 per cent of the votes to gain a seat in the Hailsham and Herstmonceux electorial division of the county council.

The UKip member beat Conservative Cllr Bill Bentley, who retained his seat winning the election with 1,859 (19.8 per cent) votes , to the top spot by just 32 votes.

Just 27 per cent of the eligible 34, 532 people in the ward took to the ballots to decide who would represent them on the division’s two seats.

The overall turnout for the elections sat at 33 per cent as the final seats were being announced.

The gain for UKip meant a shock loss for Conservative Roger Thomas who lost his seat after winning the previous two election. He took 1,515 (16.2 per cent) of the votes.

UKip candidate David Younge gained 1,769 (18.9 per cent) of the votes.

Lib Dem candidate Paul Steven Holbrook gained 660 (7 per cent) of the vote.

Labour’s Steven Harvey Cross took 656 (7 per cent) of the vote. His fellow Labour member Roger Francis McCarthy received 532 (5.7 per cent) of the vote.

Lib Dem member Graham David Morgan came last with 493 (5.3 per cent) of the vote.