Undercliff cycle path proposed for Telscombe

Cliffs at Telscombe Cliffs
Cliffs at Telscombe Cliffs

A new action group has been set up to campaign for funding for a cycle path under the cliffs.

Telscombe Residents Association secretary Christine Bowman was this week appealing for people to sign up.

The hope is the cycle path would also help to protect the cliffs from erosion and safeguard the A259.

Christine said: “Have you noticed that all around the coast, cliffs are crumbling and in some cases falling dramatically into the sea?

“Did you see the recent video of Rock-a-Nore at Hastings?

“Well, the same thing can happen at Telscombe, and this could place the A259 at considerable risk, together with the utilities and services under the road-all because our cliffs are unprotected.”

An undercliff walk already exists between Brighton and East Saltdean.

The popular and spectacular route is shared between walkers and cyclists.

Christine continued: “Would you be willing to join our new action group to try to get funding for a cycle path on the undercliff?

“This would protect the cliffs, relieve congestion on the A259, and improve people’s health. Or you may have other suggestions.”

Lewes District Council said it welcomed the formation of the action group.

It explained it had been working with partner organisations including the Environment Agency for many years.

The district council, which looks after the cliffs at Telscombe, said it had been given £100,000 by The Environment Agency to undertake research and commission a study on the best way forward for the coastal area of Telscombe.

A spokesperson for the district council said: “The issue of coastal erosion and plans that can be worked to are by their very nature long term and we will continue to work with partner organisations, local groups and others to find solutions.”

Part of the cliffs at Birling Gap collapsed this week after high winds and torrential rain battered East Sussex.

The Met Office issued yellow warnings for wind and rain as rivers swelled.

Wealden District Council closed the Birling Gap cliffs after rocks fell during the storms.

It is estimated that about 9ft of the cliff fell into the sea during a tidal surge on Saturday (January 4).

And part of the cliff at Rock-a-Nore in Hastings collapsed into the sea on Friday January 3.

To get involved contact Christine Bowman, Secretary, Telscombe Residents Association on 01273 583213 or christinebowman3213@btinternet.com