Unlocking the potential of the local economy - Lewes

A NEW organisation has been established to improve joint working between public sector bodies and local businesses.

The Lewes District Business Board (LDBB) is the brainchild of Cllr Rob Blackman, from Lewes District Council, who said: “We are facing some of the most difficult economic conditions of recent times and therefore it is critical that Lewes District Council plays a leading role in bringing together local businesses so that jointly we can grasp the challenges and opportunities we face to unlock the full potential of the local economy.”

He continued: “The Lewes Business Charter, initiated originally by Cllr Tony Nicholson, will be developed and taken forward by the LDBB to ensure that synergies between the District Council and businesses are optimised and that, as a result, enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship underpin the way in which we work together.”

The LDBB will work to promote business development in the Lewes District in various ways, a key element being to champion the district at every opportunity.

An inaugural event to showcase the plans for the new LDBB will take place on Tuesday, March 13, at Lewes House.