Unusual dolphin washes up on Pevensey Bay beach

The dolphin was spotted by Justin Pollard on Pevensey Bay beach
The dolphin was spotted by Justin Pollard on Pevensey Bay beach

An unusual sea creature was found washed up on Pevensey Bay beach this morning (November 23).

Justin Pollard was walking his dog when he came across the one metre long deceased dolphin on the shingle near Pevensey Bay Sailing Club.

It has been identified by experts as a juvenile white beaked dolphin, a mammal which is not often seen in the English Channel, according to British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

A spokesperson for the charity told the Herald, “The dolphin doesn’t appear to have any significant injuries so without examining the body I couldn’t suggest what might have happened.

“It doesn’t look like it’s been dead for long though, despite the scavenger damage to the skin and eye.”

Huge mystery sea creature washed up at Pevensey has been identified

She explained there was a small population of white beaked dolphins off Dorset but they are most commonly seen in the central and northern North Sea and around the northwest coast of Scotland.

They have also been seen off the Kent coast before but they aren’t a regular visitor.

Regarding this animal, the spokesperson said she contacted the Cetacean Stranding Investigation Programme at London Zoo and they have confirmed they are also aware of it.

They have asked someone to check whether the body is still there, and if it is they might be able to collect it for further investigation.

To find out more about the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, or to reported a stranded marine animal, visit www.bdmlr.org.uk or call 01825 765546 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or 07787 433412 for out of office hours and Bank Holidays.

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