UPDATE: engineers fixing Newhaven swing bridge

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ENGINEERS are currently working on Newhaven swing bridge to ensure it is ready for the next opening this evening.

East Sussex County Council structures manager Mark Andrew explained they believed an electrical fault prevented the bridge from opening this morning at around 6.30am.

The bridge stayed closed for about an hour causing long tail backs, however engineers were able to override the electrical system manually.

They are currently cleaning electrical contacts to resolve the problem, but they will be on site tonight to make sure everything runs smoothly when the bridge opens again.

Mr Andrew said it was extremely rare for an electrical fault to prevent the bridge from opening, despite the aggressive conditions in Newhaven, such as salt being blown in from the sea.

He said: “It has only happened once in seven years. It’s a complicated system and it’s a very aggressive environment down there.

“I am fully confident that the engineers will sort out the problem.

“The engineers will be down there tonight.”