Upper Beeding man gives ‘humbling’ Christmas gift to food bank

An Upper Beeding man with Down’s Syndrome has donated hundreds of pounds worth of Christmas fare to a food bank.

Alan Carey’s mother, Roseleen, said the generosity of the act was ‘almost what we expect’ because of his nature.

She added: “It would not be unusual that there would be generosity with him.

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“He’s had a lot himself and he’s ready to give it to others.”

Alan Carey with his generous gift

Alan saved up all his birthday money to buy £300 worth of festive food to donate.

He gave the food through Sue Plautz, who runs Beeding News, the High Street newsagents.

Sue runs a collection and drops it off weekly at the food bank.

She said: “It’s just amazing. So much thought has gone into it.

“It’s very humbling. He’s even done down to the little point of bread sauce.”

Roseleen said she was not surprised that Alan wanted to help those less fortunate than himself.

She added: “He’s keenly aware of helping.

“He was very much part of what was being bought it made him feel part of the community and very much an adult in the community.”

But Roseleen said she hopes Alan’s generosity will inspire others to also give.

She added: “We would hope that it would encourage other people to act upon these thoughts [of donating to the food bank].

“It might move them. There’s so much need and it’s sad there’s so much need.

“It would encourage other people to follow suit.”

Sue added: “With all the negativity around at the moment it’s so lovely to have some one like that.

“It makes you think what you can do.”

She invited Alan down to the food bank to meet the people who work there.

Sue said she asked Alan to come so he could see where his Christmas collection would be going.

Alan was ‘so excited’ ahead of the visit, she added.

But Sue said her food bank collections have received widespread support from the community.

She added: “It’s just escalated so much.

“I’m going down with a car load every week.

“Everybody is just really supporting it. It’s for local families.”

Supplies for the food bank can be donated at Beeding News in Upper Beeding High Street.