Very active street clean!

WEALDEN’S district authority has said it will be both ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ about cleaning up any dirty spots in Polegate town.

The issue came about following an enquiry made by the Sussex Express.

Notes from a Polegate Town Council meeting said: “A councillor questioned the cessation of street cleaning.

“The county councillor confirmed that due to budgetary constraints this was correct and the district council would be reactive only and no longer proactive.

Street cleaning would be carried out when problems occue rather than scheduled.”

The Sussex Express Wealden about the implications of this issue for residents.

A spokesman for the district council responded: “We are both proactive and reactive. Polegate High Street is cleaned daily, seven days a week.

“Other areas in the town are cleaned frequently but a decision will be made not to clean if, on inspection, it does not appear necessary. This helps save money and allows cleaning to take place were it needed elsewhere.”