Veteran born days after start of WW1 marks 100 years

Victor Thornton
Victor Thornton

A centenarian, who was born just days after the First World War broke out, marked his 100th birthday last Tuesday (August 12).

Victor Thornton, of Amherst Close, was born in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire and is the eldest of six siblings, who have all passed away.

Called up in 1939 at the start of the Second World War, he spent the war years in a reserved occupation working for the Lockheed Aircraft Company.

Victor joined the Royal Sussex Territorial Army in 1950 and was a British Legion member and standard bearer for many years until the Hastings branch disbanded.

He stood in the rain for hours at Hyde Park Corner London in 1953 for a chance to see the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth pass by in her carriage on Coronation Day. Sixty-one years later he received a telegram from that same Queen to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Victor was married to his wife Dorothy for 57 years until her death in December 2011 following many years suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. He now lives with his daughter Denise Hobbs, son-in-law Jim and youngest of two grandsons Leon. Eldest grandson Alexis married Kirsty on August 8 and their son Archie is Victor’s great-grandson.