VIDEO: A back comb through the ages reveals the UK's most iconic hairdos and dont's

As the UK goes TROLLS crazy with the release of Dreamworks' much anticipated crazy-haired adventure this week, new research has revealed the most feted hair dos and don'ts of all time.

The most iconic hair looks of all time and ones that should be consigned to the history books
The most iconic hair looks of all time and ones that should be consigned to the history books

Elvis’ quiff takes the top spot closely followed by the Rachel and Marilyn Monroe.

Places four, five and six however, belong more to the world of fantasy and fascination with David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, Marge Simpson’s blue air and Amy Winehouse’s beehive pipping Farrah Fawcett’s flicks and Twiggy’s crop in the ranking.

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Unfortunately for the Hillbilly rockers out there, the mullet has been combed over and blown away after being voted the worst hairstyle of all time. The style which came into its own in the 80s topped the ‘hair don’ts’ category followed by the mohawk, mohican and bowl cut.

The styles were voted for by more than 1,900 people polled by Argos – which is celebrating the release of TROLLS at cinemas across the country this Friday (21st) with an A-List line up of toys.

Famed for their impressive hairstyles, the Troll toys are making a welcome comeback and are sure to shoot to the top of Christmas lists this year. The range includes the Trolls Princess Poppy Wig, styled to look just like Poppy’s hair in the film, the Trolls Jewellery Box featuring the ‘Get Back Up Again’ hit song from the feature and the Poppy Doll, a loveable, colourful princess who can speak 25 phrases.

We caught up with celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Barton who has recently discovered a fascination for a new type of hair trend in his salon.

Fans ready for some Troll-like adventure, can find the lowdown on the Argos line-up of toys here:

The UK’s Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles of all time:

1 Elvis’ Quiff

2 The Rachel

3 Marilyn Monroe

4 David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

5 Marge Simpson’s blue hair

6 Amy Winehouse’s beehive

7 Audrey Hepburn’s beehive

8 Farrah Fawcett’s flicks

9 Twiggy’ s crop

10 David Beckham’s shaven head

The UK’s worst hairstyles of all time:

1 The Mullet

2 The Mohawk

3 The Mohican

4 The Bowl Cut

5 Rats tails

6 Shaved head

7 Tight perm

8 Top knot

9 Curtains

10 Spikes