Video: Artists have a hoot at Wise Books in Seaford

They had a hoot at Wise Books in Seaford - and turned the spotlight on a worthy cause.

Pictures of owls, appropriately the wisest of birds, festooned the venue and helped highlight its chosen charity, Family Support Work.

Owl pictures in Wise Books, Seaford.''Nick Linsell and Jean Holman

Owl pictures in Wise Books, Seaford.''Nick Linsell and Jean Holman

FSW works intensively with families across Sussex through its many activities, including home visits, support groups, one-to-one meetings, drop-ins and supported breaks at its residential centre, Knowles Tooth in Hurstpierpoint.

The owls were the idea of local children’s author Giles Paley-Phillips, who contacted illustrator friends and invited them to ‘Do a Doodle’.

Giles, who is a patron of FSW, said: “The reaction has been unbelievable, with some of the UK’s top children’s illustrators wanting to take part.”

“We just got in touch with a whole bunch of illustrators to see if they would be interested and it’s just really taken off,” added Maggie Simons, director of FSW.

“We have now started getting requests from artists wanting to do a doodle for us, it’s created a real buzz about the shop and of course the work that FSW does with families throughout Sussex.”

The illustrations will be on display throughout the shop over the next couple of months and there are plans for a possible auction of the originals.

You can see the Wise Owl Doodles at Wise Books, 14 Sutton Road, Seaford.

FSW has been around for about 100 years helping families throughout Sussex to deal with a vast array of social problems, including, poverty, bereavement, domestic abuse, mental illness and unemployment.

A variety of sources from GPs, schools, churches and social services refer clients to FSW for help and they deal with these cases directly, with a team of outreach social and play workers.