Video: Be kind to others is secret to a long and happy life

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A woman who fled Vienna in 1938 because of the Nazi regime celebrated her 100th birthday on Friday February 1.

Minky Schiller, who now lives at The Maples, in Peacehaven, was brought up in an orphanage until the age of 16. She came to England after leaving Austria.

100th birthday, Minky Schiller, Peacehaven

100th birthday, Minky Schiller, Peacehaven

Minky and her husband Richard had already met in Vienna some years previously and in 1946 they married in London.

During her working life Minky was a respected manager of a medical research office in London and upon her retirement she and Richard moved to Edenbridge in Kent.

In the 1980s Richard and Minky moved to Peacehaven and were joined by her elder sister Bronia.

Longevity is in the family as Bronia is now living in North London and is 102.

Registered manager at The Maples, in South Coast Road, Ngaire Ware, said: “Minky celebrated with a party here at The Maples.

“We had a musician play all morning, a professional balloon man decorated with balloons for us and our chef did a wonderful spread of food as well as her cake.

“She had lots of friends and all the residents here, as well as a number of our staff to help her celebrate.

“The Mayor of Peacehaven, cllr Eileen Russell also attended and all in all Minky had a lovely day.”

Minky also received a card from the Queen.

So after living to 100, what’s Minky’s secret to such a long and healthy life?

According to Minky the key is to be kind to others and their kindness will take you through.