Video: Birling Gap’s cliff-edge cottage now demolished

The cottage closest to the edge at Birling Gap cliffs has now been completely demolished.

The work took around four weeks to complete and workmen are now clearing away the remaining rubble.

Birling Gap demolition

Birling Gap demolition

Contractor Best Demolition started work on the cottage last month after bad storms and rough seas caused the rock face to crumble putting the building precariously close to the cliff edge.

The National Trust said seven years worth of erosion had taken place in just a few weeks.

The owner of the cottage was advised by Wealden District Council to demolish the building in February this year.

The National Trust owns some of the cottages. The cottage being demolished was privately owned. Now only four cottages remain on the site. Due to the cliff erosion the National Trust took down the cottage next door to the threatened cottage 12 years ago.

The cottages are the second to be built after the former cottages were abandoned because of the cliff erosion.

The National Trust had to take down its sun lounge and ice cream parlour at the site in February following rock falls at the cliffs.

People are still being warned not to go near the cliff edge because of the unstable rocks beneath and the RNLI warned people if they walk on the edge they are putting their lives at risk.