Video: Children help with Lewes world record attempt

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Children visiting Bags of Books in Lewes are helping with a world record attempt.

The independent outlet is supporting Macmillan Children’s Books in attempting to create the longest-ever chain of paper dolls.

Bags of Books, Lewes. paper chains for charity

Bags of Books, Lewes. paper chains for charity

To get some idea of the magnitude of the challenge, Bags of Books is trying to make a chain a whopping 3kms (9,843ft) long, which is equivalant to 60 lengths of an Olympic swimming pool, or 270 London buses ... and 11,500 A4 sheets of dolls!

The South Street shop has until the end of August to collect all the dolls.

Macmillan is going to donate 10p for every doll submitted to support Save the Children’s ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF ...’ campaign, which highlights a global literacy crisis caused by poor nutrition.