Video: Helpers revamp Newhaven Museum

A new coat of paint, new showcases and better signs are just some of the changes currently underway at Newhaven Museum.

Volunteers have been hard at work at the museum, which is based at Paradise Park in Newhaven, sprucing up the place.

Newhaven Museum curator Tony Helyar.

Newhaven Museum curator Tony Helyar.

Now they are in the final stages of the work, getting ready to reopen the museum to the public on Saturday March 29. Secretary of Newhaven Museum Tony Helyar said: “People who recognised the museum last year wouldn’t recognise it this year.

“We have completely reorganised the displays so that similar items are all grouped together whereas previously they tended to be scattered around the museum in various places. We have also altered all the lighting so that it is much more visible.”

There are some new showcases with items around the theme of The Way We Were.

These are domestic exhibits from the post war period shedding light on how we used to live. There will also be a display about World War I, in recognition of the war’s 100th anniversary this year.

Tony said better signs for the museum had been put up too.

He added: “It has been an extensive refurbishment. We are still tieing up the loose ends.”

The museum in Avis Road has been closed since Christmas 2013 for the refurbishment, with money to pay for the improvements coming from society funds.

Newhaven Historical Society will be co-operating with local organisations to commemorate the important part Newhaven and the town’s people played in the Great War.

The society, which runs the museum, is keen to include as many stories about Newhaven men and women who served in the war and would like to include personal artefacts in the exhibition.

If anyone has items which are relevant to the events of 1914 – 1818, such as military hardware, objects, documents and photographs which illustrate the part played by family members, contact Tony Helyar on 01273 515404 or email