Video: Life hacks for less time in the kitchen

New research, released today, reveals that almost half of the nation (43%) cite cooking their evening meal as the number one task that detracts from their free time. Of those surveyed, over a quarter (28%) state that the time and effort it takes to prepare a meal often deters them from cooking and sees them turning to takeaways and unhealthy snacks instead.

Oliver Proudlock
Oliver Proudlock

Research from The Saucy Fish Co, which surveyed 2000 UK consumers, also revealed that it’s timepoor millennials that often take the lazy approach, with 40% citing ‘too much effort’ as their reason not to cook and 15% blaming the lack of fresh produce on hand at home.

Interestingly, the survey also identified how the majority of Brits are cooking and preparing meals four to six nights a week, meaning there’s increased pressure to be ‘always‐on’ and well prepared when it comes to cooking, with a range of on‐demand products on standby.

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To showcase the ease of cooking from their new ‘cook from frozen’ range, The Saucy Fish Co. have teamed up with Made in Chelsea favourite Oliver Proudlock. Famed for his hectic lifestyle and love of fitness and good foods, Proudlock is used to living life in the fast lane and regularly looks for simple life hacks to complement his busy schedule.

Oliver Proudlock

To demonstrate how easy it is to quick, convenient and tasty fish dishes straight from frozen, Proudlock was set the challenge of whipping up a delicious salmon taco dish under extreme pressure. And by under pressure, what can be more hectic and fast paced than the fairground waltzers.

Speaking about the challenge, Proudlock said “I’m always on the go and cooking under pressure so my meals need to be quick, convenient and delicious. Taking on The Saucy Fish Co challenge made me appreciate how easy it can be to whip up a delicious salmon taco dish – if I can do it on the fairground waltzers, you guys can definitely nail it in the kitchen at home. I’m pretty impressed with my efforts, the end result was incredible. And who doesn’t love Salmon tacos. Yeah baby!”

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