Video: Man dangles legs over Beachy Head cliffs for ‘selfie’

Man hangs legs off Beachy Head cliffs. Video by Guy Outcast on Youtube. Watch it at:
Man hangs legs off Beachy Head cliffs. Video by Guy Outcast on Youtube. Watch it at:

A walker has captured this video of a man precariously dangling his legs over Beachy Head cliffs and potentially risking his life - all for a photograph.

Youtube user Guy Outcast posted the video in a bid too warn people of the dangers of going to close to the cliff edge.

The man in the video, who is unknown, poses with his legs hanging off the edge of the 400ft cliffs while posing for pictures.

Guy, who took the video on Sunday (August 31) said: “I visit the cliffs three or four times a week. I often do time-lapse and fly my DJI Phantom for aerial videos. If people could see the state of the cliffs and the cracks under where they were standing they certainly wouldn’t be where they are.

“It is a beautiful place and should be enjoyed by everyone.

“As adults we all have a responsibility to ensure we portray the right way to do things and not to show off for the sake of a picture for Facebook.

“I regularly see the services and the Chaplaincy service attending incidents. “They have enough to do without having to potentially respond to ‘Selfie’ induced incidents.

“I have had so many people asking me about buying the video or rights of it. It is about a safety message rather that profiting from it.

“I really hope this sort of thing doesn’t end in an accidental tragedy.”

Some of the cliffs in the area have become fragile in recent months after fierce storms battered the coastline over Christmas and the New Year.

The bad weather saw a large section of Birling Gap cliffs fall into the sea which resulted in one of the coastguard cottages being demolished after it was left hanging precariously off the cliff edge.

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