VIDEO: Meerkats predict election victory for Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd and the meerkats
Stephen Lloyd and the meerkats

The mystic meerkats of Drusillas Park have predicted the election outcome for the Eastbourne and Willingdon constituency, forecasting a landslide victory for the Liberal Democrats.

The prediction was good news for Stephen Lloyd MP, who is seeking re-election for the seat in May’s General Election and was at the zoo to witness the spectacle.

In this most scientific of experiments, the furry favourites were presented with a street containing four coloured houses each representing a political party.

Monty and his psychic squad entered Meerkat Street toeing the party line, before a slight shift to the left saw the swing-o-meter settle firmly in the liberal camp. The victory was indisputable as 7 out of 8 meerkats entered the yellow house; a clear majority with one abstainer.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “It’s always been obvious to me that not only is Drusillas the best animal park in the South East and it’s wonderful meerkats are creatures of deep insight and intelligence, their General Election prediction for Eastbourne and Willingdon demonstrates just how brilliant these lovely little friendly creatures are!”

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