Video: New pool for Lewes school

Southover Primary School in Lewes has a new pool - and children have been testing out the water for the very first time.

In October 2009, a survey taken at Southover suggested that the overwhelming majority of both pupils and parents felt a swimming pool was an integral part of their school life.

Southover school's new pool. Lewes

Southover school's new pool. Lewes

The original pool was built around 30 years ago by the Friends of Southover PTA on a plot of ‘glebe’ land (still owned by the Church).

It was always maintained by the Friends of Southover PTA, but gradually fell into disrepair after a good, long life.

Then, in 2011, it was deemed unsafe.

Early this year, the original tank was ripped out, and the area cleared for Giles Leisure to build a brand new pool.

This fabulous new facility is testament to the amazing fundraising efforts by the children over the years.

It will hopefully enable many more generations of Lewes kids to get swimming regularly - Southover’s Infant classes swim almost every day in the summer.