VIDEO Newhaven 3 Hailsham Town 2 Reaction – Paul Harrison

Newhaven manager Paul Harrison admitted he would have preferred if neither side had seen men sent off on Saturday but insisted referees “had a job to do so we can’t be too critical”.

Three players were dismissed in the Dockers’ clash with Hailsham Town, which Newhaven won 3-2 at Fort Road.

Paul Harrison snapshot

Paul Harrison snapshot

Harrison said: “(It was) very tense, very exciting, I would have thought for the fans.

“It was a tight game for us, physical to a point.

“A certain person had a lot to say in the game – in more ways than one... and it had a big influence on the game.

“I think it would have been a lot better if both sides would have had 11 on the pitch.”

He added: “He ruined what could have been a good game, in fairness, but they’re there to do a job so we can’t be too critical in some respects.

“That’s how it is.”

See the above video for the full interview with Harrison and see elsewhere on this website for highlights of Saturday’s game.