Video: Oh deer! Animal gets stuck in goal in Hailsham

A deer was rescued on Wednesday (June 11) after its antlers became entangled in a child’s football goal.

Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) tracked down the deer at the edge of Abbotts Wood, close to Robin Post Lane in Hailsham, in tall vegetation.

Trevor Weeks MBE rescues the stricken deer

Trevor Weeks MBE rescues the stricken deer

Trevor Weeks MBE, from WRAS, said: “As we approached the deer it dragged the netting and metal poles from the damaged frame with it and it slid into a dry ditch.”

Trevor had to tackle the deer and pin it to the floor.

The deer’s head was then covered and the netting was then cut away.

“You have a 30 minute window in which to cut these deer free or they risk having a heart attack,” added Trevor.

After about five minutes the netting was cut free and the metal poles and remaining netting was cleared before Trevor jumped out of the way, allowing the deer to get up and run off back to the wild.

Kathy Martin, WRAS Trustee, said: “The rescues are guaranteed to get your heart racing but it is so good to see the results of your efforts, when the deer ran back off to the wild.”

For more information about the wildlife rescue service visit its website at

If you spot an animal in distress you can call them on their 24 hour rescue line 07815-078234.

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