Video: Success for Heathfield wind turbine test exercise

The surveyors working on plans to build a wind turbine on a landmark estate in Heathfield said a day of tests measuring how visible the structure would be were a success.

A blimp or air balloon was flown above the park to determine the visual impact of the scheme on the surrounding area.

Blimp flown to show possible heights of propsed wind turbine at Heathfield Park  Dominic Wainford

Blimp flown to show possible heights of propsed wind turbine at Heathfield Park Dominic Wainford

According to Andrew Samuel, from Heathfield surveyors Samuel and Son, the blimp was barely visible from Old Heathfield and Cage Street.

But it was most visible from Sandy Cross Ridge in Maynards Green and the Broad Oak Road running to Burwash.

Mr Samuel said: “We had an excellent day for it.

“We had the parish council come in, Heathfield Community College and other observers who were all really positive about it.”

Councillors and residents were invited to the estate to see the experiment for themselves and he said they had many positive comments about the plans.

Mr Samuel admitted he would be very surprised if there were no negative comments about the proposed wind turbine at some stage, but said so far everyone seemed in favour of the idea.

A wind turbine was built forGlyndebourne Opera House against the backdrop of vehement local opposition and campaigning.

Grade II Heathfield Park was purchased by Dominic and Rebecca Wainford for £13m seven years ago.

Now the couple and their advisers are progressing a masterplan which, they hope, will redevelop and re-energise’ the historic house and land and equip it to face the future.

The giant blimp was flown on Tuesday April 1 to show the possible height and location of a wind turbine.

This is one of a raft of schemes aimed at generating electricity, both for the house itself and the surrounding community.

The wind turbine looks set to measure anything between 50m and 79m.

It would also be situated well away from any homes so residents would not be impacted by any noise generated by the turbine.

It is estimated it will take 12 to 18 months before a planning application can be submitted for the wind turbine.

Mr Samuel said the turbine could generate enough power for a couple of hundred homes on a good day.

There are also plans to create a hunting lodge with eight bedrooms and bookable function suite.