VIDEO: Tightrope walker raises awareness of type 2 diabetes

The stunt was part of a major campaign to raise awareness of type 2 diabetes and the balancing act many people with the condition face on a daily basis when it comes to balancing their glucose levels.

Tightrope walker attempts stunt at Londons Southbank
Tightrope walker attempts stunt at Londons Southbank

Research released this week reveals how emotional and psychological factors are negatively impacting those with type 2 diabetes, with a quarter suffering from anxiety over hypos (dangerously low blood sugar levels) and more than 40% preferring to have high blood sugar levels instead which can be a serious health risk.

A fifth are also worried that other people believe they have type 2 diabetes because they are lazy or greedy which means many keep their condition a secret from others.

The new campaign launches today to help patients better balance their blood sugar and keep their Diabetes under control.

Watch the video to see the stunt as well as hear from people with diabetes and experts.

Sanofi has announced that new research reveals that negative emotions are jeopardising people living with Type 2 diabetes’ ability to effectively manage their condition. A quarter of people with T2 diabetes feel anxious or fearful about getting ‘hypos’ (low blood glucose levels), with 42% preferring to have high blood glucose levels instead of risking another ‘hypo’, despite this risking life threatening conditions in the future.

UK adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes showed even modest and sustained improvement in blood glucose control could help prevent almost a million serious medical complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, foot ulcer and amputations, and potentially blindness, which could avoid billions in future NHS costs.

The UK has the worst T2 diabetes blood glucose levels in Europe, Sanofi is launching a new campaign dedicated to helping patients - ‘Highs & Lows: Better Balance for a Better Future’, that includes a Sanofi sponsored patient support website, to help the 52% of patients with T2 diabetes who find it challenging to balance their blood glucose levels or who worry about doing so.