VIDEO: Work colleagues appear on BBC One’s Break the Safe

Work collegues from Pevensey and Newhaven stepped up to a nail biting challenge and tried to ‘break the safe’ when they appeared on a BBC One quiz show last weekend.

Jess Austin and Phil Morris took part in the National Lottery: Break the Safe on Saturday night (September 7).

Phil Morris and Jess Austin

Phil Morris and Jess Austin

The duo were asked a series of questions by presenter Nick Knowles in a bid to beat two other couples and win a £100,000 prize.

Phil said: “Unfortunately we didn’t win. To be honest we were rubbish, just terrible. We found we couldn’t answer any of the questions it was so nervewracking. I think if someone had asked me my own name I wouldn’t have been able to remember it!

“We got through the first stage and thought we had done alright and we were quite happy with that!

“It was a great experience and we even got given a Break the Safe mug.”

Jess and Phil were selected from 6000 people to appear on the show and had to travel to Glasgow for the filming.

Jess said: “It was terrifying! It was filmed in front of an audience and there were cameras pointed out you. That is what makes it worse. I think we were rubbish but a lot of other people wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

Phil continued: “We would love to do something like it again. I think we would be good at The Million Pound Drop. Then you can work together rather than on your own, I think we would be better as a team.

“It was great to meet all of the other contestants, we were all in it together.

“We decided to go in for it, because Jess wanted to have a go. We went to the audition in London and got through. It was great because we are work colleagues and friends, and that made it fun.

“We had to fly up to Glasgow - half way through the flight, Jess decided to tell me she didn’t like planes! But it was worth it.

“I think the worst part of it for me was watching it back on the television. I was so nervous on Saturday.”

Jess and Phil briefly met Nick Knowles when he gave them a pep talk before the show.

Phil said: “The whole thing was a great experience and we would definitely like to do another quiz show.”