Views needed on advisory road signs in Hailsham

Hawkswood Road, Hailsham. Speed signage
Hawkswood Road, Hailsham. Speed signage
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Hailsham Town Council is seeking residents’ views on where additional 30mph speed limit advisory signs are needed on the town’s roads.

The council is appealing for residents to help it identify roads where traffic speeds are a concern.

A number of speed limit reminder signs have been been acquired by the council where a 30mph speed limit is in place.

Cllr Bill Bentley, who is the oversight councillor for Emergency Services at Hailsham Town Council, said he hoped placing the signs in trouble spots would remind motorists to slow down and keep to the speed limit.

He said: “Hailsham has a number of main roads and residential streets along which some motorists tend to speed, thinking it is a 40mph zone when it is in fact a 30mph zone.

“The police and local authorities are often contacted by people concerning the need for more signs to be put in place to encourage motorists to obey the speed limit on certain roads and help to reduce the risk of personal injury.

“It is hoped that the addition by the town council of more speed limit notices across Hailsham will remind motorists to slow down, keep to the speed limit and ease the difficulty speeding places on pedestrians trying to cross the road.”

Town Clerk John Harrison said that in order for the signs to be effective, the council wants residents to come forward with suggestions for where they should be placed.

Mr Harrison added: “The town council is aware that people are concerned about speeding traffic and we want to make sure we can put appropriate speed limit signs in place where needed.

“But in order to place these signs where they would be most effective, we want residents to come forward with suggestions.”

The signs will be put up in each place for a maximum three-month period, before being moved to another site.

However, it will be possible for any sign to be returned to the same location after a gap in time, the council said.

Sign location requests received will be submitted to East Sussex Highways for approval before being put up, taken down and moved around by town council works staff when required.

To submit your suggestions on where to place advisory 30mph speed limit signs send an email to or call 01323 841702 (during office hours).

Which roads do you think the advisory signs shouldbe placed on? Email