Abandoned portable barbecues abound at Tide Mills

THE Friends of Tide Mills have just enjoyed their annual summer picnic on Sunday, August 19, preceded by a very rewarding meeting where 11 of us collected around 20 sacks of litter and the usual array of bulkier items from this special place.

Unfortunately, we are now collecting the usual summer specific items, “disposable” barbecues, the remains of (illegal) camps and general casually dropped litter from beach visitors, although of course the majority of visitors are undoubtedly taking all their litter home, for which every visitor is very grateful.

All in all, for the time of year, Tide Mills is largely litter free. We again want to thank all visitors for their help in keeping Tide Mills as it is by taking home, not just their litter, but additional items as well – we sincerely thank you all.

Newhaven Port Properties has also waded in to help us by donating two boxes of litter sacks to enable us to continue our efforts without having to dig into our meagre resources – this again shows what a good working relationship we enjoy with the land owner and this again is very rewarding for us.

Our next meeting is on Sunday September 16 (always the third Sunday of the month), when we will be undertaking the annual detailed beach litter survey under the Marine Conservation Society’s annual national “adopt a beach” scheme.

We meet for around two hours from 10am – we would be delighted to welcome all to our happy little band.

Please email me at brian.skinner2@btinternet.com for more information, or at www.tidemills.webs.com/

Jim Skinner