Access problems with these plans

There is a scheme, at present in its initial planning stage, to build 85 houses on the land bordered by the A259, The Fairway and the Augustfields estate. It is certainly true that this is not necessarily a bad idea, bringing as it will a significant number of jobs to the area during the building, and providing, as it will, additional housing in Newhaven.

There is, however, no provision for any retail facility in the project, and the access to the A259, which will be the only road access to the development, will be via The Fairway. this road already provides access to 121 homes, and will on completion of building cater to 206.

To avoid any accusation of hidden bias, I will concede that I do live in the Augustfields estate; but I believe that this does not disbar me from commenting on local events.

I urge any local resident who has strong feelings, either about the access or the lack of planning provision for any local retail outlets, to contact Lewes District Council Planning department. The deadline for comment is November 22nd, and the planning reference is LW/12/0850.

Anthony Bradbury