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Marine workshops in Newhaven.
Marine workshops in Newhaven.

I LOVE Nandos and am thrilled that my favourite Portuguese Piri Piri birds are going to be barbequing at a place near me soon, namely Brighton Marina.

This also happens to be one of my favourite places as it combines many of my much-loved sights and activities.

I love the water and boats together with walking, cinema, shopping and of course eating and drinking.

Hopefully Newhaven will soon become a second cousin to Brighton Marina, if the plans to restore the Eastside Quay go ahead.

Imagine how wonderful the restoration of the old Marine and Carpenter workshops could be when they are transformed into trendy restaurants and shops instead of the derelict ruins they are today.

What an inviting welcome to the ferry passengers and a boost for the local economy they can provide.

I know they are Grade 2 listed buildings because someone at Newhaven Museum told me so, but to the uninitiated they just look like rundown, neglected slums.

Those from the Ancient Monuments society and the like may want them preserved as they are but they don’t have to look at them every day.

Surely it is better to use them for the better of the local economy and lifestyle, even if we have to sacrifice some parts as if we leave them as they are they will eventually crumble away anyway.