MANY THANKS: Go to the bonfire society and all their helpers, in particular Jane Stent, for organising a wonderful over 60s Christmas Party last Saturday. It was, as always, well attended and much enjoyed and a very special start to the festive season.

MUM AND TODDLER GROUP: At St Peter’s Church on Chailey Green, meet every Friday from 9.30am. This is free of charge and coffee, tea and biscuits will be available. If you or anyone you know would be interested in coming along please contact the Parish Office on 01825 722286 for more details.

CHRISTMAS CONCERT: There is an evening of seasonal music and readings, at St Peter’s Church, Chailey Green, from leading choir Coro Nuovo tomorrow, Saturday, at 7pm. Tickets cost £10 and can be obtained by email at or online at or by calling 01273 400994.

CHAILEY FREE CHURCH: This Sunday has services at 10.30am and 6.30pm. All are welcome to both services, visit for more details.

TRACTOR CLUB: Chailey Classic and Vintage Tractor Club Christmas festivities will be held on Saturday December 15. This will be a full day event and Tinkers Park have been invited so it will be a joint Christmas gathering comprising tractors, steam engines and fairground organ. The day will start, at about 11am, with a Christmas themed tractor run to collect for St Peter and St James Hospice. This will be followed by an evening of entertainment comprising Folk band, acoustic duo, open mic session, barbecue, raffle and an auction of promises. The route is still being finalised for the tractor run but, due to daylight hours and climate, the club aim to arrive back at The Sloop, Scaynes Hill, for 3.30pm. All are welcome to the Christmas run and further information is available from Liz at

PARISH COUNCIL: All Chailey residents are invited to attend the meeting of the Parish Council at 7.30pm on Tuesday at the Reading Room, Chailey Green. The council will be considering and making decisions on a wish to range of matters relevant to Chailey and its residents. Members of the public will have an opportunity to speak on any issue they raise or draw to the council’s attention. The full agenda can be found on the council’s website at They look forward to seeing you.

LUNCH CLUB: Is at St Peter’s Church, on Chailey Green on Thursday. Just go along and enjoy a delicious Christmas meal at 12.30pm, the food is freshly prepared and home-cooked with a main course, choice of puddings and tea/coffee all for £5 per person. There is easy access and disabled toilet facilities. If you require transport or further information please contact or call 01825 722286.

REPAIR CAFÉ: Do take your item in need of repair, to the Café at the village hall, on Saturday December 15 from 10am to 1pm. The Café volunteers have the skills to repair almost anything which is portable. Bicycles have been given a new lease of life and toasters, irons, record players, table lamps, antique and modern clothes and handbags and much more. Whilst waiting for your repair you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and delicious cake. Everyone is welcome, entry and repairs are free but donations will be gratefully received towards ongoing costs of the service. For more information please email Bryan McAlley at You can also find Chailey Repair Café on Facebook.

PLANNING COMMITTEE: All Chailey residents are invited to attend the Parish Council’s Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday January 8, at the Reading Room, Chailey Green, starting at 7.30 pm. Members of the public will have an opportunity to speak about any planning or related matter. The full agenda can be found on the council’s website at They look forward to seeing you.

PATCHWORK FARM: Since it opened last year the Farm at Chailey Heritage Foundation has been a fantastic resource for their young people, as well as others in the wider community. You can help the Foundation keep the therapeutic farm running by sponsoring an animal at Patchwork Farm. From ‘cute and cuddly’ to ‘large and loud’ animal sponsorship makes a great gift for relatives or friends and starts from as little as £24 a year. For more details visit

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY: December is the month to do a lot of clearing up and preparation for the coming year. Clear all fallen leaves from lawns and paths. Leaves that have fallen on fallow ground can be left as they will eventually rot in. Try to do it at intervals of a few days so that the compost heap develops layers to allow air in and avoid compaction. Greenhouses, poly tunnels, pots, tools and seed trays need to be cleaned. I use a dilute solution of Jeyes Fluid. The soil in the greenhouse and poly tunnel needs changing every few years to avoid the build up of disease and loss of nutrients. Once all is clean bring in the strawberries in containers. For those that grow large exhibition onions now is the time to plant them in a propagator. For lesser mortals seeds can be sown in February and March. Outside protect brassicas with pea netting and autumn sown beans and peas from slugs. Try to avoid walking on wet soil as this will compact it. Cover the rhubarb patch with a layer of farmyard manure. Pruning apples and pears is best left to January and February and no pruning of peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines until late spring to avoid silver leaf infection. The main problem with peaches and nectarines is leaf curl. The fungus gets into the leaf bud in wet conditions and eventually distorts and kills the leaf. There is no chemical protection and the only sure way to avoid it is to grow in a greenhouse or provide a plastic protection for the tree over the winter. There are now leaf curl resistant peaches. Settle down with the catalogues and plan for the New Year. For those with a greenhouse or poly tunnel growing potatoes in sacks is well worth considering. Swift is the best variety and instructions next month. For more details contact 
Peter Estcourt on 07803179708 or