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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, 8am Holy Communion, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

NO PARKING: A clearway is in force to prevent people parking and blocking the bus stop in Cooksbridge. The number to call to report people parking at the slope of the bus stop and to get it ticketed is 03456 801129.

SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR: It was sad to read an article by parish clerk Jenni Toomey headed Just Why Do We Bother? She has spent a lot of time and energy over the last weeks looking at designs for a lovely new shelter at the recreation ground in Beechwood Lane, which would replace the old one destroyed by vandals. She applied for a grant to cover most of the cost so there would be no burden on Hamsey parish tax payers, even though she doesn’t live in the parish. She even took the time to meet the contractors and manufacturers and was delighted when the work finally started. Sadly, after the concrete base was poured and taped off to let it set, someone saw fit to allow their dog to get on it whilst still wet. Next day the base was covered with a heavy dogs paw prints which left holes in the otherwise pristine surface that is now impossible to fill. The bricklayers then laid two courses of bricks to take the new shelter, which was skilful work as the shelter is a hexagon. By the next morning someone had kicked off the end brick. Trustees, parish councillors and volunteers give up a considerable amount of their time to ensure that the parish hall and grounds are there for everyone to enjoy. One resident has repeatedly asked for a public toilet to be available in the grounds and Trustees are in the process of looking at the likely cost of providing one. How long would it be before that is wrecked? A very disappointed parish clerk signs off by saying, if you have any information about who does these things, please contact her. I do hope that after reading the above the culprit, or culprits, or those that know them and have read of Jenni Toomey’s despair, will be ashamed of themselves and instead of going around wrecking things where they obviously go to enjoy themselves, will in future think of other people who go there to enjoy themselves too. Stop being so selfish and grow up.

HAMSEY: The next summer service at Hamsey Church is on Sunday, July 3 with Holy Communion at 8am and Evensong at 6pm. At St Peter’s Church on Sunday July 3, Sunday School at 10.15am in the church hall and parish Communion at 10.30am followed by coffee in the hall.

MONDAY AFTERNOON CLUB: The next meeting of the club is on July 11. Call Judith on 01273 474356 for further details.

PARISH COUNCIL: the next meeting of East Chiltington Parish Council is on Thursday, July 7, in the village hall, Beechwood Lane at 7pm.

STRAY CAT: I still have a stray cat around here which is a very dark tabby and is probably a tom cat by the size of it. Unfortunately it hangs around the bird feeders after the small birds and I have to go out and chase it off several times during the day as it is becoming a nuisance. If anyone has lost a cat, please get in touch and we will try and catch it.

MOORHENS: The moorhens have nested in their usual place again, but before any hatch the male bird comes down to the patio pond and builds another nest. A few days after the eggs have hatched they bring the babies down to the patio pond but this year there were just two and I watched as they got one onto the new nest with the help of both adult birds, but the other one was left behind under a tree. I then had to watch in horror as a magpie swooped down, scooped it up and flew off with it. The next day the other one had gone from the nest and the two adults are now nesting again. Although I have saved many over the years, I have now come to the conclusion, after being attacked by one of the moorhens one year, that it is better to let nature take its course.

FISH FARM: Although the proposed application for a fish farm in East Chiltington has been withdrawn for the moment in order for the planners to find out more about it, imagine my surprise when I got my copy of Country Life and read on the front page, Exmoor’s Caviar Revealed. Inside there was a two page article about the Exmoor fish farm with a picture of the owner of the proposed site in Chiltington Lane. Exmoor Caviar produces Caviar. Order, processes and transports to London within a few hours. It sells for £499.95 per 250g and according to the report has been enjoyed by Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. The application submitted by London Fine Foods. Fortunately I spotted it and passed the details on at once to concerned residents.

MAGICAL MOTHS: I mentioned recently about what I thought was a minute red and black butterfly. Once again my magazine has provided the answer as on the cover is a beautiful picture entitled, out magical moths and the very first one is the one I had seen in the drive here. Inside are lovely pictures of moths. A friend suggested it may have been a Cannibar and she was right as on one page is a picture of it. It describes it as readily disturbed during the day, the flashing crimson underwings of the cannibar are a warning to predators that it’s toxic. A ragwort specialist, its caterpillars play a major role in helping control this noxious weed. Like the adult, the yellow and black striped caterpillars are also poisonous. I never realised that moths are really quite beautiful when you see them close up. It is a fascinating article giving all the details about each one.