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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

SINGING SALON: Tomorrow, Saturday, at 7pm in St Peter’s Church, Pippa Dames Longworth presents Singing Salon. Fifteen singers in a thrilling and enchanting evening of well loved and glorious opera. Tickets available at the door.

GALA CONCERT: On Sunday at 4pm the second of the Gala Concerts in St Peter’s Church. John Leggett organ, Jan Barger Cohen flute, Rachael Brown soprano. Tickets available at the door. For last minute bookings ring 0793 187568. Refreshments available at both concerts. In aid of Offham Church repairs.

YOUNG FARMERS: September has been the start of the new Young Farmers year. Many clubs and counties in the national federation (NFYC) close down during the summer due to the school holidays and harvest. In Oxfordshire they always carry on meeting throughout July and August. They have enjoyed a range of meetings including punting, Oxford Aqua Park, a tour around a purpose built grain store, raft building, a thatching demonstration, Lister Wilder Ltd tour and archery. They also had a stand at Countryfile Live in the Adam’s Farm area and helped out with events in the main arena which gave them a chance to meet the public at such a large show. The NYFC week aims to raise the awareness of the work all YFCs do with young people and local communities. This year it is all about celebrating the benefits of being part of one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK. Oxfordshire YFC are aiming for 400 members next year, an increase from this year’s membership of 356, which is the highest since 1995. This year during national week it plans to have each club host a different meeting every night, to which members of all clubs in the county are invited. Meetings such as car treasure hunts, stock judging and team building evenings will showcase YFC at its very best, living up to its motto of fun, learning and achievement.

What wonderful opportunities the young people have today, especially those who want to be involved with farming. There is a very active YFC in Sussex and in our district who I know take part in many activities.

VALUE OF BRITISH FARMING: To regions is mapped out for MPs. Report in my latest British Farmer and Grower. The value of British farming to every individual constituency in England and Wales has been highlighted to MPs by the NFU. As part of a letter writing campaign, 573 MPs have been informed of the economic contribution that farming makes in their area. This includes information on the number of people directly employed in the sector. Ahead of Back British Farming Day, which was on September 13, the NFU used its regional network to work with members across the county to communicate with MPs urging them to show their support. The call to action centred around each MP wearing a wheat pin badge created by the NFU, featuring British wheat and wool, during the televised Prime Minister’s Questions on the day. MPs were also invited to join members on farms to see what impacts on the sector first hand.

The UK Government has published a number of papers ahead of the third round of negotiations with the EU. They outline the UK’s approach to customs arrangements and the availability of goods, among other issues. You can find out how this could impact you and your farm on the Brexit pages of Read the full report and see photos from Back British farming Day in the November issue of BF&G or look online.

IDENTITY CRISIS: Identity fraud has reached epidemic levels in the UK, with nearly 500 scams reported every day, adding up to 89,201 between January and June, up 5 percent on last year.

LOVELY BIRD: Or so I thought when I was watching all of the birds on the feeders a couple of days ago. I spotted what looked like a bright yellow exotic species. On closer inspection I was amazed to find it was a sunflower growing up behind the feeders and a gentle breeze had moved it so that it looked like it was hanging on the feeder. I then discovered that several more sunflowers were coming into bloom. On the patio I have pretty flax flowers growing, along with some other wild flowers that I have not yet identified, which I think, along with the sunflowers, have come with the wild bird food that I give to my large family of birds.

READING MORE: I have been reading more in the old Overseas and Transatlantic Mail that I mentioned and have found some more amusing bits. The following makes one think. Headed 40,000,000 Safety Pins, which said orders from the United States for the above amount of safety pins worth s20,000 to s25000 have been obtained by a Birmingham firm. The orders were secured in the face of keen competition from American manufacturers. I can only think it must have been a case of ‘Safety in Numbers’.