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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news
Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

PARISH COUNCIL: East Chiltington PC September meeting. Council considered the purchase of a replacement laptop to replace the eight year old model and agreed that up to £500 could be used for the purchase. The chairman, Cllr Harrison, reported that council had proposed the Clerk for an award as Clerk of the Year. The clerk was very appreciative of the level of confidence council had shown in her. Cllr Harrison will report for the P&EC News in Cllr Farmelo’s absence. Cllr Tingle said the 30mph signs on Honeypot Lane were hidden by grown and the clerk will take action. Council noted that a resident had been in contact to ask if the PC would consider devolution of verge maintenance from ESCC. Council discussed this in depth but concluded that the amount ESCC were prepared to pay and limited resources of ECPC meant this would not be something they felt able to take on. The bank of the stream by the safety rails at the railway bridge in Novington Lane has collapsed into the stream. Clerk to contact ESCC. The ESCC panel will meet on November 15 to discuss the Village Green application. The grass around the children’s play area needs cutting and the clerk will arrange this. Council agreed the first Thursday of the month for meetings in Beechwood Hall, Cooksbridge, would continue for 2018. Cllr Funnell has contacted the Sussex Heart Charity regarding a defibrillator for East Chiltington.

PLANNING MATTERS: SDNP/17/03957/FUL Land at Wootton Farm, Novington Lane. Part change of use and alterations to equestrian livery building to create a one bed dwelling unit for a livery manager (together with removal of mobile home). Cllrs had been refused access for a site visit but had viewed the plans and discussed the application. There was no objection providing there would be no additions to the exterior lighting on the site. SDNP/17/04149/HOUS Novington Oak, Novington Lane. Conversion of existing machinery store, store and garages to granny annex. Council had carried out a site visit. Council discussed the application and had no objection provided there would be no additions to the existing exterior lighting on the site and providing that the use of the annex was ancillary to the residential use of Novington Oak and not used as an independent residence. LW/17/0697 Land at Gradwell End, South Chailey. Care accommodation (C2) comprising 65 extra care units, clubhouse and social area, other care and associated facilities together with landscaping and parking. Council felt there was inadequate justification for the removal of the care element and further felt that if the care element was to be removed the site should be classified C3 and subject to council payments.

LW/17/0444 Upper Burrells, Chiltington Lane. Removal of partition wall. Granted. SDNP/17/02217/FUL Unit 1, Wootton Farm, Novington Lane. Demolition of agricultural building, surrender of storage yard (B8 use) and construction of holiday let units. Refused.

BOUNDARY SIGN: Cllr Tingle had obtained three quotes for a sign to mark the boundary of the parish where it adjoins Chailey on Honeypot Lane. Council discussed the quotes with the exception of Cllr Tingle, those parish councillors present agreed that the expense could not be justified at the present time. There was also discussion of whether or not such a sign would increase residents identification and engagement with East Chiltington. Cllr Tingle requested council to see if Mill Lane sign could be moved back to the boundary. Clerk will check with LDC. The chairman would investigate whether postcodes in that area could change to BN7 from BN8.

The next meeting of the PC will be on Thursday November 9.

HAMSEY PC: The next parish litter pick will be tomorrow, Saturday, meeting at the village hall, Beechwood Lane at 10am. All are welcome to take part in the quarterly opportunity to keep our lovely parish clean.

LITTER: Having written the above about the litter pick in Hamsey, I have just read the following headed Lazy Litterbugs, which leaves a lot to the imagination. Highways England is trialling large, roadside funnel bins in Cheshire, into which drivers can hurl litter through car windows. Although condemned by some as supporting lazy habits, if successful, the bins will be introduced across the country. It makes the mind boggle and does not bear thinking of.

SWALLOWS: The last of the swallows have sadly left a couple of days ago. I shall miss watching them in the evenings as they soar into the air over the fields and around the garden, but time seems to pass all too quickly and spring will arrive before we know it.

SWALLOW HAWK: I watched a beautiful sparrow hawk as it came to one of the nut feeders, but was slightly alarmed as there were lots of lovely goldfinches and other small birds feeding. I watched but instead of grabbing one of the little birds and making off with it, I was amazed to see it just perch and watch the tiny birds as they fed. I did keep an eye on it in case I had to quickly shoo it away, but once it had done its inspection it flew off and all was safe.