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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

PARISH COUNCIL: Hamsey PC September meeting. Cllr Dodd declared an interest in item 7a on the agenda, SDNP/17/04576/TCA Pippins. Council considered purchasing new football goals for the recreation ground and noted the old ones were past their best. The new ones will be funded by grants and council agreed the clerk should order them once all grants had been received. Council discussed the request from SDNPA for projects. They were keen to see a cycle way between Cooksbridge and Lewes. The chairman asked for Speedwatch to come off the agenda as there were not enough volunteers to operate this. Cllr Baughan had contacted ESCC regarding damage to the pavement and to the No Parking bollards, caused by McNicholas. ESCC is not prepared to carry out repairs. Another post has been broken by a vehicle parking on the verge outside Downsview, this is damaging the verge. ESCC started to put double yellow lines at the junction of Malthouse Way/A275 but at the time of the PC meeting it needed finishing. Cllr Suttie plans to circulate a list of questions regarding the Emergency Plan and Cllr Harmer is reviewing the plan. The chairman has contacted the British Heart Foundation about the defibrillator for Offham, but it is only 0.8 miles to the nearest unit. It is felt that it would be useful to arrange some training in the use of the machines. Council considered the dates for meetings in 2018 and agreed that the second Thursday of every other month at the village hall is acceptable to all.

PLANNING MATTERS: LW/17/0685 Unit 2 Knights Court, South Road, South Common. Change of use from office use (class B1) to residential (class C3). Cllr Linington advised that she would be meeting the developers and LDC but that HPC were not invited. Cllr Dodd said that during the meeting with LDC regarding the site, the parish council had been assured they would be included in any future discussions. Cllr D’Arienzo, the chairman, will contact LDC to insist that HPC be involved. Council was very concerned that the site was granted planning permission for mixed use but without the employment use this will become purely residential, which would have been refused permission originally. Council would be objecting to the loss of employment use, over development and residential on contaminated land. LW/17/0697 Land at Gradwell End, South Chailey. Care accommodation (C2) comprising 65 extra care units, clubhouse and social area, other care and associated facilities together with landscaping and parking. Although this application is in Chailey, the extra traffic, change to the character of the area, poor design and the proposed change from dementia care to residential as well as requiring the site to be C3 rather than C2 if permission is granted. SDNP/17/04576/TCA Pippins, The Street, Offham. Yew hedge, reduce to boundary wall. One sycamore, trimmed to boundary fence. Laurel shrub, reduce to 8ft in height. Council was confused about this application since some of the trees appeared to be on neighbouring land and the definition of trim to wall was unclear as to height or width. The chairman was to contact LDC tree officer Daniel Winn for advice. Cllr Baughan expressed concern over the loss of trees on the boundary of the Covers site. Clerk had spoken to LDC regarding this and they were aware and partly in agreement with the developers that new trees should be planted. It was understood that 14 spaces would be provided for workers at the site. Cllr Baughan will be monitoring any traffic problems.

REC AND VILLAGE HALL: Cllr McBrown gave an update on progress towards new play equipment for the hall. This would be purchased with grant funding and £9000 from council reserves. Installation may have to wait until early 2018 unless ground conditions are favourable. The new equipment will be sited on the main field freeing the present play area for conversion to a green car park. Council discussed the proposals and agreed that the parish council would be prepared to purchase and insure the new equipment, which will be suitable for all abilities including disabled. Trustees of the grounds will also contribute £9000 and be responsible for maintenance. Following acts of vandalism at the site the PC and the hall trustees have reluctantly decided that CCTV cameras will be installed before the end of the year. There is one new trustee who lives in Cooksbridge.

RAIL AND BUS ISSUES: The Station Partnership have responded to the second phase of the 2018 weekday timetable. There will be some minor improvements to services. Hamsey and Cooksbridge crossings are to be upgraded. Cllr Baughan would be monitoring McNicholas who will be working in Cooksbridge again. He has requested better working practices from them, ie no litter and no damage please.

NEXT MEETING: The next Hamsey PC meeting will be on Thursday November 16 in the village hall, Beechwood Lane at 7.15pm.

HAMSEY NEWS: The newsletter for Cooksbridge, Offham, Hamsey and Bevernbridge, which comes out quarterly, will now be edited by Cllr McBrown and Jane Baldwin who have taken over from Ailsa Suttie.

SURPRISE VISIT: It was so lovely to see my granddaughter, who has just started at Birmingham University, and to know that she is loving every minute of it. She is really enjoying her medical studies and having had a day off, could not wait to get back.