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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Parish Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

EAST CHILTINGTON: Current planning applications. LW/17/0765 and LW/17/0766 Upper Burrells, Chiltington Lane. Demolition of existing greenhouse and the construction of a new greenhouse. SDNP/17/05004 Birchington Farm, Novington Lane. Change of use and conversion of commercial buildings to single residential unit and demolition of redundant agricultural buildings. LW/17/0886 Kemps House, Chiltington Lane. Conversion of existing games room and studio to residential annex. Decisions by LDC. SDNP/17/03957/FUL Land at Wootton Farm, Novington Lane. Part change of use and alterations to equestrian livery building to create a one bed dwelling unit for manager of livery (together with removal of mobile home). SDNP/17/04149 Novington Oak, Novington Lane.

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS: At last I am getting a good nights sleep. In Jul I started getting calls in the middle of the night where the caller withheld their number. This went on for some time and got worse until I had had enough and reported it to BT nuisance calls who were very helpful and told me to keep a list of dates and times. Although I could not be told where the calls were coming from, I had guessed and mentioned it to the police. BT then passed the information to the police who thankfully have put a stop to it at once. It is such a relief as it went on for so long, although I still sometimes wake up expecting the phone to ring at some unearthly hour. Someone has a huge problem and needs to get a life.

MOTH SPOTTERS: The UK’s late flowering ivy has attracted an influx of spectacular rare moths from the Continent, including the silver-striped hawk moth and Radford’s flame shoulder. I have seen a lot of huge moths on my late flowering buddleia but I am not sure what species they are. There have also been several humming bird hawk moths this year, also on the buddleia, which have joined the amazing variety of beautiful butterflies.

MIXED CHOIR: I found the following most amusing. As seen in songbirds, adolescent choirboys sing more lustily when teenage girls are present.

SHORT FILM: As this is the third year running that I have received a certificate from the British Wool Marketing Board for an excellent clip presentation, I was interested to read in my South East Farmer that British Wool has launched its new short film, The British Wool Story, which takes viewers through the fascinating story of wool from the sheep in the field to finished products. Focusing on harvesting the wool, the film shows viewers the actual process of on farm flock management, sheep shearing and the fleece collection process.

A LOT OF BEANS: ABP’s port of Ipswich has handled a record 12,000 tonne shipment of beans for its customer Gelncore Agriculture UK. Marking the largest ever shipment of animal feed beans to be exported by ABP in East Anglia, the product will be transported to the port city of Bari in Italy from where the field beans are used as a protein source in cattle, pig and poultry diets. Good to see that the UK farmer has excelled with his bean crop.

INTERNET FRAUD: A huge article in my November issue of British Farmer and Grower warns farmers about internet scams saying that shady deals and deceptions have cost some members tens of thousands of pounds, leaving duped farmers in despair. Frauds have included hijacking email accounts, the so-called ghosting of an email account, identity theft and false advertising. The legal team at NFU CallFirst said sometimes, although it is rare, banks may refund lost money if it can be demonstrated that the bank has been negligent. There may also be recourse through the Financial Ombudsman service. Members are advised to always contact Action Fraud and report the crime to the police. Who should you call: NFU CallFirst 03708 458458; Police 101 to report non-999 crimes; Action fraud 0300 123 2040; Financial Ombudsman 0800 023 4567.

TREE PLANTING: A £13 million fund to help landowners plant more trees to protect wildlife, boost the timber sector and reduce flood risk was announced during September. It encourages farmers, foresters and land managers across the UK to apply for up to £6,800 per hectare to plant, weed and protect trees under the next round of the governments Woodland Creation grant. The fund, part of the Countryside Stewardship scheme, is aimed at helping aid the planting of more than three million trees, creating 1,900ha of new woodland and contributing to the governments ambition to plant 11 million trees with a further one million in towns and cities. Guidance and application forms became available in September with the application window opening in January 2018. A range of grants is available to support the creation of new woodland management, with Forestry Commission online advice available on the application process. Under the grant, annual maintenance payments are available for 10 years (