Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey

CHURCH SERVICE: Sunday at St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Family Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

AFTERNOON CLUB: Meet on Monday in Offham Church Hall at 2pm. Crafternoon with Sylvie which will be followed by tea and home-made cakes. For details ring either Judith on 07889 281214 or Caroline 01273 477151.

HAMSEY PARISH COUNCIL: Met on March 8 in the village hall, Beechwood Lane. Cllr Dodd declared an interest in 7a on the agenda. Planning Application SNP/18/00689/HOUS as he is a neighbour. Pippins, The Street, Offham. Construction of a front extension. Cllr Dodd left the meeting and council discussed the history of the application. The council will object. Other planning matters. LW/18/0098 former Hamsey Brickworks, South Road. Variation of condition 27 relating to planning approval LW/14/0712 whereby the wording of the condition has been changed to: No more than 50 percent or 24 residential units hereby approved shall be occupied until one of the B1 commercial units approved as part of this permission have been constructed in accordance with the approved details and made available for occupation. The parish council have had many meetings with the developers regarding community space and access to the woodland and lakes. Access had been agreed but it now appeared that access would be to the woods only as the developers wish to apply for further housing around the lakes. Council agreed that they could not agree to any change in conditions until agreement to grant residents access to the woods and possible community space had been received in writing. LW/17/1055 North End Barn, North End Lane, Hamsey. Section 73A retrospective application for the construction of a single storey three bay store. The planning committee had visited the site and although planning would not have been needed if the original building had been replaced like-for-like, the new building was different Council felt the new design was an improvement and noted there was a hedge to screen it from the neighbouring plot and a catslide roof to reduce its impact. Council had no objection. TW/17/0121/TPO T1 Chatfields Yard, Cooksbridge. Various tree works. No comment made from the PC but Cllr Baughan will be looking at the plans and will contact the developers to ask about the planting and landscaping schedule as good screening of the site is important.

PLANNING DECISIONS: By LDC or SDNP. SDNP/17/04678/FUL Land adjacent to Offham Barns, The Street, Offham. Two additional pitches and conversion of two stables to day rooms ancillary to Gypsy site with alterations to existing site access. Granted. LW/17/0994 The Malthouse, Cooksbridge Road, Cooksbridge. Conversion of village hall to form two houses with separate garages and associated courtyard car parking. Granted. LW/17/0988 Chatfields Yard, Cooksbridge Rod. Variation of condition 23 relating to application LW/16/0935 to allow additional external (porch) lighting. Granted. LW/17/1002 Chatfields Yard, Cooksbridge Road. Variation of condition 1 of planning application LW/16/0935 for the alteration of approved materials. Granted.

VILLAGE HALL: The inclement weather has made it impossible to get a crane onto the field to install the new play equipment, so a new installation date has been arranged for the end of April, early May. The clerk will arrange to have the old equipment removed. An acceptable quote has been received from AM Fire and Security to install CCTV and the chairman proposed that the parish council proceed with them, asking for £1578 as a grant from the Hall Trustees, being 50 percent of the cost. Installing extra car parking has been estimated around £25,000 for the work. The clerk has applied for grants. Update on installing an all-weather multi-use game court. Council agreed any estimates will need updating but no more can be achieved until the second batch of council monies are received. Council considered a larger sign for Dogs on Leads. The clerk has asked a resident to put their dog on a lead and had been told the sign was too small to notice. Council agreed that a much larger sign should go on the main field gate. Council considered appointing a mowing contractor for 2018. Only Barcombe Landscapes had responded with quotes for the work. Council agreed to appoint them for 2018/19. Council considered further measures to prevent dog fouling at the recreation ground. The chairman had looked into the idea of introducing a DNA registered dog scheme which people could join at £35 per dog and only DNA registered dogs would be allowed into the grounds. Council felt that this idea might be hard to enforce, especially with the public footpath running through. For the short term council agreed to trial using the old playground area as a dogs off leads exercising area. Subject to funding for the car park becoming available. Owners would still need to clear away dog mess.

CORRESPONDENCE: Following a discussion on the continuing anti-social behaviour issues throughout the parish, Cllr Baughan said that he would circulate information on the Community Trigger Scheme, which is an option open to residents to address persistent problems of this nature. Residents had contacted the parish council regarding the state of the pavement between Malthouse Way and Offham. This had been reported and was also raised at the SLR meeting.

LITTER PICKS: Future litter picks are planned for Sundays in the hope of getting more volunteers. There are plans for anti-idling signs at the Cooksbridge crossing to reduce exhaust pollution.

MEETINGS DATES: The Annual Parish Meeting is on Thursday May 10 at 7pm to be followed by the Annual parish Council Meeting, at the village hall, Beechwood Lane.

BIRD SONG: Now that spring might have arrived and I am hearing the birds signing again in the early morning, and seeing lots of little birds all gathering at the bird feeders, I was pleased to read that at last something is being done about the hundreds and thousands of these tiny little birds which are illegally trapped to be eaten each year as they try to pass through Cyprus. Now police on British military bases on the island have thwarted criminal poachers operations by using drones with night-vision apparatus. Half a million robins and blackcaps a year have been saved. I get great joy watching all the tiny birds and find it most upsetting that the are being used as a delicacy in restaurants in Cyprus. After all, how much delicacy could there be on such a tiny little body?