Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey

REMINDER: Tonight, Friday, at Hamsey Church, Judge Michael Kennedy’s group will be singing Compline. The group will be at the church from 7pm for a rehearsal to which anyone is invited and Compline will commence at 8pm and last for about 30 minutes. T is a very moving experience and was traditionally the final service of the day taking the form of beautiful chants sung in Latin. After that do join the group for strawberries and a glass of wine.

ANOTHER REMINDER: Tomorrow, Saturday, in Hamsey Church will be World War 1 remembered in music, poetry and prose. Exhibition in church at 5pm, performance at 6pm. Tickets at the door £10, 13 years and under £5. Wine and soft drinks available All proceeds to the Hamsey Church Restoration Fund, Ivors Lane, Hamsey. Join the Friends of Hamsey Church and help save it for another 1000 years.

CHURCH SERVICE: Sunday, St Peter’s Church, Offham 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Family Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

CONCERT: Sunday in Hamsey Church will be the first of two Summer Concerts by the Musicians of All Saints, Lewes commencing at 6pm. For further details see

AFTERNOON CLUB: The Monday Afternoon Club meet on June 11 in Offham Church Hall from 2pm to 4pm and is open to all retired members of the community. There will be a warm welcome waiting for you. This month will be chat and a quiz followed by tea and delicious home-made cake. If you need a lift please contact either Judith on 07889 281214 or Caroline 01273 477151.

AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR: I have been watching the six Mallard ducklings very carefully, but was horrified when a magpie swooped down as they were feeding and snatched one. Watching it fly off with the tiny little duckling in its beak was heartbreaking and when I read the letter on the letters page from the lady in Lewes, saying how she nearly dropped her toast last week after reading that the Wildlife Rescue Service had rescued a magpie, I too felt angry as they are predators and I have seen them snatch tiny birds from the bird feeders. There are to many around and they need to be controlled as that is why a lot of our lovely garden birds are in decline, especially songbirds. Don’t believe that magpies are so lovely and special as they are not.

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING: For Hamsey was held on May 10 and the Chair was Cllr Tamsyn D’Arienzo. In attendance were tow members of Hamsey PC, two members of the public, Mrs J Toomey clerk to the parish council, and Lewes District Cllr Isabelle Linnington. Apologies from Clllr Ginn, Cllr Dodd and Cllr Sutie. The Chairman, Cllr D’Arienzo welcomed residents and gave an overview of the council year. There were no matters arising from the 2017 meeting. The Village Hall Chairman was away but sent a report from the Village Hall Trustees. District Cllr Linnington gave her report and highlighted some of the Lewes District Council issues which were most relevant to Hamsey PC. First, she reported on the launch of the Neighbourhood First Scheme. This involves a team of Neighbourhood Advisers, of which there were tow for this area, who will inspect streets and open spaces, report issues to the council and give advice to residents. Matters covered will include dog fouling, fly tipping, littering and street cleaning, abandoned vehicles and fallen trees. The Neighbourhood Advisors can be available to attend parish council and other community meetings and attended the Hamsey Community Meeting on May 24. Residents are encouraged to report issues to the council by using Report It app. The first funds from the CIL money paid by developers have been awarded to projects. Hamsey was successful in obtaining £36,897 for improvements to facilities at the recreation ground, Beechwood Lane, Cooksbridge. Cllr Linnington congratulated Hamsey PC on a strong and well prepared bid as many proposals were not funded. Cllr Linnington had not been told that the new recycling bins had been delivered across Hamsey Parish. She became aware when she had complaints about bins not being emptied and was dealing with it. The new system means that more items could be recycled and she hoped everyone was finding it easier, not having to sort the recycling, and that recycling rates would increase. Cllr Linnington spoke about Vote 100 which is a celebration of 100 years of women’s suffrage. There will be an event on July 9 which is to encourage women to be councillors and be involved in local government. Details of the event will be available soon. The PC clerk/financial officer of the council gave a financial report.

A resident asked about the paring on the verge north of Hamsey School. Cllr Baughan was to check with Network Rail whether the deep ruts could be filled. There is also a messy verge in Hamsey Lane caused by electric board works and he was going to follow this up too. The Chairman, Cllr D’Arienzo said that the parish council are working with Hamsey School to get permanent parking. Included in the chairman’s yearly report was a statement from each parish councillor.

ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Which followed on from the APM was attended by four parish councillors, Mrs J Toomey Clerk to the Council, two members of the public and Lewes District Cllr Isabelle Linnington. Apologies were received from Cllr Ian Ginn, Ccllr Mike Dodd and Cllr Suttie. Election of chairman and vice chairman. Cllr Baughan proposed Cllr D’Arienzo as chairman and this was seconded by Cllr McBrown. The chairman proposed Cllr Baughan as vice chairman again seconded by Cllr McBrown. There were no questions from members of the public. Update from Matters of the last meeting. Minute 104.2. An agreement has now been received from the developers at Hamsey Brickworks which grants access to the ancient woodland and offers land for community use should business nits fail to be developed.

RECREATION GROUND: The new play equipment is being installed and shouldbe ready for use any time now. There will be an opening afternoon on June 12 with tea/cake and a football match. Everyone welcome.

VILLAGE HALL CCTV: It was to be installed at the end of May. The chairman asked about disruption to the images caused by spiders building webs on the cameras. It was to be raised with the installers.

EXTRA CAR PARKING: Funding is now available to provide an overflow car park for use when larger events occur at the hall. It is not thought that this would be more than 28 occasions each year so planning permission is not needed. There will be a gate on the area. Council discussed whether the area could be trialled for use as somewhere for dogs to exercise off the lead when not in use as a car park Update on installing an all weather multi-use games court. Funding is in place once the last of the CIL monies is in. Hopefully to be installed late August/September.