Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey

CHURCH SERVICE: Sunday at St Peter’s Church, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Family Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

AFTERNOON CLUB: The Monday Afternoon Club meet in August 13 in Offham Church Hall at 2pm. This month it will be a speaker from The Samaritans. Following that there will be a lovely tea with home-made cakes. Lifts available by contacting either Judith on 07889 281214 or Caroline 01273 477151.

SAD NEWS: Many people far and wide will be very sad to hear of the death of Andrew Stewart-Roberts, a long term resident of the parish He will be especially missed at St Peter’s Church, Offham where he was a churchwarden for very many years and also a member of St Peter’s Church Choir, along with other church duties that he undertook. His funeral will be held at St Peter’s Church on Thursday August 23. A Memorial Service will be held in London in the autumn.

PARISH COUNCIL: Hamsey Parish Council met on July 19 in the village hall, Beechwood Lane. There were no members of the public present. Council noted that Cllr Suttie had resigned and asked the clerk to advertise the vacancy and inform LDC. The council wanted to thank her for her time in the role. Cllr Dodd declared an interest in agenda item 7c. Council approved a grant of £150 for the Monday Seniors Group. Council considered five quotes received for the installation of a multi use court a the recreation ground and six quotes received for installing an overflow parking area. They agreed to appoint SportsCourts UK as contractors for both. The works will be funded by money raised through grant applications including £36,897 which has been awarded to HPC from LDC central council. Council agreed to a subscription of £20 to the Lewes District Association.

PLANNING MATTERS: LW/18/0894 Copyhold Farm, Hamsey Lane, Cooksbridge. Section 73A retrospective application for reinstatement of existing barn and change of use from farm storage to light steel fabrication and storage. The Chairman and Cllr Ginn went to meet the tenants at Copyhold Farm. They are artists/sculptors and metal workers. The chairman has also made contact with the site owner who has committed to removing, by autumn, a lot of surplus machinery from around the site. Cllr Baughan was concerned about any increase in traffic on the narrow lanes. Cllr Ginn said that in his opinion the site was a mess with a lot going on and much of the works looked quite unsafe. Cllr Dodd strongly objected to the visual impact on the landscape. Council agreed that they would have to object to this application. LW/18/0328 Knights Court, Unit 2. Two storey side extension incorporating garage on ground floor and glazed porch link, dormers and solar panels to roof slopes. The parish council made no comment. LW/18/0486 Bouverie Cottage, Cooksbridge Road, Cooksbridge. Sympathetic repair to property following vehicle impact damage. Council supported this application. Decisions by LDC or SDNP. TW/18/0044/TPO. Tree works applicaton for Chatfields Yard, Cooksbridge. Approved.

VILLAGE HALL: Cllr McBrown reported that the Open Day had been a great success. Free teas and ice creams for children. Lots of people kindly made and took cakes along. A collection jar raised £130. It was a good opportunity for people to comment on future plans for the recreation ground. The proposed all weather court is eagerly awaited. Several people asked about exercise equipment for adults which is now popular in a number of places.

CCTV: The chairman siad CCTV would be installed at the village hall in early September. It is hoped that this security will deter further attempts to remove the safety mats from around the play equipment and also catch whoever is continually letting their dog foul in that area and leaving the mess behind. Plumpton Junion Football Club used the recreation ground last season for practice. It worked well and was handy for local youngsters who have joined the club. They have asked to extend this to every Saturday until noon and also for matches. There was much discussion about this. Whilst wanting to support the club, the hall has to accommodate a range of needs and it was felt that this would overuse. Matches especially would put pressure on parking and could impact on hall users and other ground users. Council will advise that the use should stay as last season.

COUNCILLOR ROLES: Council discussed the various roles that need to be covered. A finance committee was thought to be unnecessary but Cllr Dodd agreed to be responsible for checking financial matters alongside the Chairman and the clerk. Planning will be covered by the Chairman, Cllrs Ginn, Dodd and Baughan. Highway matters Cllrs Baughan and McBrown. Environment issues Cllr Baughan and the chairman. Rail and bus issues Cllr Baughan and Cllr Ginn. Cllr McBrown and Cllr Dodd will continue to represent the PC on the Board of Trustees at the Village Hall and Recreation Ground.

OTHER MATTERS: The Chairman is investigating getting recycling bins installed a the village hall. The Chairman will collect the draft Emergency Plan from Aiisa Suttie and together with Cllr McBrown they will update and circulate the document. There has been some anti-social behaviour in Cooksbridge. The police and housing officers attended. Safety mats were ripped up around the new play equipment at the recreation ground and the clerk tried to report this through 101 but could not get any reply. It was noted that the Beacon will be lit at 7pm on November 11 and the chair reported that she has had an offer from someone willing to take wood up for the fire. Council had been asked if they wanted to book a mediation course but it needed four days and there would be a problem with Cllrs. Personally knowing most residents. An option of an information session on mediation may be considered.

The next meeting is on Thursday September 13 in the village hall, Beechwood Lane at 7.15pm.