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Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey news

CHURCH SERVICE: Sunday at St Peter’s Church, Offham 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Family Communion followed by tea/coffee, cake and biscuits in the church hall.

WATER REPAIRS: I have had so many calls to ask me what has been going on here as we have had traffic lights on the B2116 on two occasions. South East Water have been repairing, firstly the meter adjoining our field on the B2116 opposite the farm, and secondly a bit further down, still on the B2116, where they had to repair the mains water pipes which had been damaged some time ago. It meant that on both occasions traffic lights had to be installed, the first time very close to our main gates which certainly had its problems as one very early morning a huge lorry, or should I say container, thought it was going to come and unload in here. Fortunately my son had spotted it slowing down and stopped it coming in, but not before the river got very annoyed. I should point out that this time it was nothing to do with the development at Mount Harry. It had big problems trying to then get out from our entrance gates to turn on the B2116 which, because of the lights caused a hold-up. For those who got caught up in it and called me, it was a delivery for further along the road. The work has now been completed and the lights removed last Friday. The one good thing about the traffic lights was that it slowed down the idiots who drive along this road thinking they are on a speed track. No sooner had the lights been removed and the speed merchants were enjoying their freedom again. Last week there were two accidents, one at the junction of the B2116 which joins the A275, and another where there was a hold-up along near Novington Lane which is on the B2116.

NATIONAL PARKS: Report from my latest edition of British Farmer and Grower. Parks must recognise role of farming, says NFU. A duty to consider economic and social issues as part of the blueprints for National parks and areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty should be strengthened, the NFU said in its response to an independent review. The NFU also called for improved consultation with farmers, and recognition that farm businesses must modernise to remain competitive, if they are to continue to deliver benefits for millions of visitors to such areas.

EGGS: British Lion Eggs will look to make a marketing splash in 2019 by teaming up with double world champion and Olympic diver Tom Daley in a £1 million promotional campaign. The Wonder Egg drive will increase the visibility of the standard on social media, communicate new advice around the safety of runny eggs and tap into nutritional benefits.

PARISH COUNCIL: The draft minutes of East Chiltington PC, who met on January 7. A resident had attended a meeting run by SDNPA and was interested to hear that some parish councils were considering asking for park boundaries to be changed as part of the Glover review. She wondered if the PC felt now was the time to ask if all of East Chiltington could be within the park. Council considered that it would need to be all the Spring Line villages together to make sense (Westmeston, Streat and Plumpton). The chairman will enquire about the timescale and draft a letter to go to neighbouring parishes. Stephen Toomey advised the council that he and two others had been asked to review the work done to date on the landscape character assessment document. They had some suggestions which council asked him to take back to the author.

PLANNING ISSUES: Council noted ad discussed the following SDNP/18/05602HOUS 1 School Cottages, Chapel Lane. First floor side extension over existing single storey pitched roof side extension and new open porch to front elevation. No objection. LW/18/0815 and LW/18/0816 Little Clears, Novington Lane. First floor extension and alterations to provide additional bedroom and bathroom accommodation. No objection. Council noted decisions by LDC. LW/18/0592 Greensand, Chiltington Lane. Proposed detached single storey garden studio/library. Refused.

TECT: East Chiltington Trust held a Wassail in the Orchard on January 12. The Annual Quiz will be on Monday March 11.

OTHER NEWS: Cllr Farmelo would like more input for the monthly newsletter report. The stile on Footpath EC22 has been replaced in its correct position by ESCC. Clr Symes attended the SDNP Town and parish Councils workshop which she reported was mostly concerned with any projects that SDNP could assist parishes to fulfil. Cllr Funnell still needs to meet with the landlord of the Jolly Sportsman to discuss the position for the defibrillator. There are council elections in May. The litter pick will take place on Sunday March 10.

HOLLYCROFT: Andy Frost from LDC has confirmed that he would be happy to take on the maintenance and grass cutting for 2020 (including responsibility for bin emptying as mentioned in the cost breakdown). LDC will retain responsibility for grass cutting and maintenance for 2019 whilst the site is still in their ownership.

NEXT MEETING: The PC will meet on Monday March 4 in the Committee Room, Plumpton Village Hall at 7.30pm.