County council are ‘stamping on poor’

I am writing with concern about the County Council cuts announced on Tuesday February 12.

These are pay cuts. Separate from wages/salaries, pensions/benefits - all of which have taken a substantial hit with growing ferocity over the last 40 years - the population gets a ‘social’ wage.

This is all the non-monetary income received - street lighting, women’s refuges, community health care, public transport, roads, pavements, libraries, trading standards, public toilets, etc. The list is long. All are being attacked. Why?

Why when the rich escape all? No move on public schools, mansions, marinas, private planes, etc.

On and beyond their dosh is tucked away across the globe in numerous tax havens.

Their wealth is unaffected. It is growing increasingly. These are the people who invest (or in the present instance, do not invest). They respond to profit. Not enough profit, they will not invest. What’s happened to profit ?

Profit (with a few but powerful counteracting tendencies) shrinks. It is the bit of money wage creamed off from the total work a person does. But investment is not just in people working. Machinery has to be invested in.

Increasingly this side of the profit making equation grows. More and more machinery compared to people invested in. The simple example of one person operated buses compared to the old driver and conductor one stands symbolic of the last 250 years of industrialisation. More and more machines. Machines do not create a profit. They do what they cost. Only people generate a profit.

The answer to this conundrum? Attack people. Drive them harder. Cut their pay. Lengthen their hours. Attack their social wage. Sooner or later profit springs back and investment returns. That’s the theory.

The practice is this no longer works. Driving people into a 21st century stone age will generate a reaction.

Is there another way to run all this? Yes. The people under attack could create it. Build it by fighting back.

Public meetings, marches, occupations, workplace strikes, rent strikes, groups to stop evictions. This is one way forward. The other is cuddling up to a piece of 21st century stone !

The County Council ? What was the social wage agency transforms into pay (and job) cutters. Servants of the rich. The careerists, all but non-existent democracy, duped by the media that daily sells the message of ‘smash the welfare state’, are next to useless.

Ordinary people themselves are the fount of a future civilisation. These were the people evicted from the County Council meeting, not the ones voting for the cuts. The County Council are stamping on the poor.

Colin Frost-Herbert