Cracks within the town council?

This appears to be a good time to ask if there are cracks developing within the Conservative administration of Hailsham Town Council. In the recent past two leading Conservative Councillors have resigned not only from their positions on the town council but from the council as a whole. The first was former leader of the Conservative group Tony Williams, followed closely by the Chairman of the council and Town Mayor Geoff Bentley-Astor.

After the Hailsham Town Council voted to object to the development of Ersham Farm, as did a large number of Hailsham residents, a Conservative Town Councillor elected to both Town and District Councils by the residents of Hailsham, to serve and uphold the wishes of the residents, went against not only the wishes of the electors of Hailsham but against the wishes of the Town Council i.e. his Conservative colleagues. No loyalty there then!

Will we be seeing more Tory councillors heading for pastures new? Is there now deep division between the Conservative council over the selection of the next Mayor?

Perhaps the local press might get up to speed with the goings on within the Conservative Group on Hailsham Town Council and not rely on biased and fairy tale type press handouts.

John Hulbert