Cross in Hand, Horam, Blackboys & Five Ashes

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: This message has been produced by Sussex Neighbourhood Watch in partnership with UK Power Networks. Power cuts don’t happen very often these days, but if there’s a power cut, have you ever wondered how some people would cope? The electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather, including storms, heavy summer rain and lightning, can affect overhead power lines. The public should stay well clear from power lines, and anyone spotting a damaged power line needs to report it immediately by calling 105. More information about power cuts and reporting faults can be found at: UK Power Networks own and run the electricity cables in most of our region and fix power cuts. They deliver the electricity which you buy through your choice of supplier. They provide a priority service for anyone who might face extra difficulty in the event of a power cut, including households with an elderly person, young children, someone less mobile or someone with a health condition. By registering with UK Power Networks’ Priority Services Register you will be given a priority 24 hour phone number for communication, receive extra information and regular updates during any power cut. In the event of a longer power cut you could receive hot food, hot drinks and hot water, mobile phone charging and more. Those who rely on power to run medical equipment, such as dialysis or breathing apparatus, would also receive additional help. More information can be found online at www.ukpowernetworks It’s quick and free to register by completing a short questionnaire, if you have not already done so. If you have family or friends who meet the criteria you can register on their behalf if they are happy for you to do so. Please note that the majority of our Neighbourhood Watch members live in the area served by UK Power Networks (London, East and South East). However, a few do not, and it will be made clear to you in the on-line registration process if this is the case, and a link will be given to who your regional network operator is, so you can apply to join their Priority Service Register. Neighbourhood Watch urges everybody who is eligible, to sign up to UK Power Networks Priority Services Register, to ensure that they receive free extra help in the event of a power cut. The link is below. We know that some people are hesitant to click on links, so if you prefer you can go online and search for UK Power Networks Priority Services Register.

FARM WATCH: Farm Watch Coordinator’s Update. Reported cases of loose animals on the public highways this week have dropped from 86 to 15. This is made up by 10 sheep, four cows and one horse. If you are a livestock owner please ensure that your field boundaries are animal proof.

Please ensure that you check your road, motorway and railway sided fields at least once a day.

WEALDEN ALERTS: Help police and Council to track down fly tippers across Wealden. Wealden police and local council investigators are seeking information about systematic fly-tipping in lanes across the District. It is thought to be carried out by the same offenders as each case involves quiet country lanes and happens in the early hours of the morning while nobody else is about. The most recent cases have happened in Lower Wick Street, Berwick, on July 24, and Dern Lane, Chiddingly on July 18. Previous instances occurred over the previous four months in Tinkers Lane, Hadlow Down; Old Road, East Grinstead (within Wealden); Litlington Road, Litlington (twice); Beech Green Lane, Withyham; Winton Street, Alfriston, and Holtye Hill, Holtye. If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please email at 101@sussex.pnn.police.ukor call 101.

LIBRARY SERVICE: Heathfield Library Service eBooks. Short of space in your suitcase? Pack an eBook E-reader to take on the beach. Take up to 10 eBooks away on holiday with you, just visit the library’s eBooks site, download the Libby app and log in with your library card and PIN. With thousands of titles and new ones added daily there’s always something you’d like to read. Check out the new eBook titles we’ve added recently and get reading. And, if you read more than you planned you can checkout more eBooks from anywhere in the world.

HEATHFIELD ABOUT TOWN: Heathfield Farmer’s Market tomorrow, Saturday. The next market will be held tomorrow, Saturday, in the Co-op car park, Heathfield High Street. The stallholders look forward to seeing you there. There will be all the usual stalls selling: Fresh fish, vegetables, in season fruit, meat, sausages, chicken, eggs, pies, cheese, preserves, bread, spices, Indian food and plants and flowers. Also on sale are home-made items such as cards, scented candles and diffusers, wooden bird boxes and planters, home made dog treats, books for 0 to 11 year olds, coffee and tea and crystals. Warbleton Brass band will be playing (time to be confirmed). Please come along and buy good food and local arts and crafts and support your local farmers and producers. Jam and marmalade seller sought, this is due to a very long standing stallholder of seven years, Wish End Farm, moving out of the area. You must have public and product liability insurance in place, comply with Food Hygiene Regulations and be able to attend regularly. If interested please contact: or call: 01892 610314. The stall is available from Saturday, September 15 onwards.

QUIZ: Heathfield Silver Band. Saturday September 22 in State Hall, Heathfield. £9 includes fish and chips. Raffle with great prizes, refreshments, 7pm for 7.30pm start. For further information please call 01435 863138.

WATER: Excuse another slightly cynical comment, but has anyone else wondered why there have been no stern missives from the water companies after two months of drought? I am old enough to remember 1976 when standpipes were introduced and we were all urged to ‘bath with a friend.’ More recently there have also been very rigorously enforced hosepipe bans, with light planes pressed into action to monitor lawns where people have been irrigating lawns under cover of darkness. And a part of me wonders whether South East Water’s very low key warnings could be to do with water companies’ contracts which force them to provide water at all times, irrespective of how many homes they must supply? With hundreds of new houses scheduled for Polegate, Hailsham, even Hellingly and, eventually here in Heathfield, one would have thought they would have asked us to be a little more prudent in our water use. But no, they abstract from rivers (damaging the environment and wildlife) and fail to repair many miles of mains. It would be good to know just how they plan to supply us in future; where the water might come from and whether they plan a sensible storage option (such as a new I right in thinking something along these lines was planned north of Buxted?) Then all that winter rainfall that currently washes out to sea might be pressed into use as our summers get ever warmer.

YOUNG AT HEART: Heathfield Park Cricket Club. We received this from Sue Sheppard. It’s pretty self-explanatory and great to know that older folk in Heathfield have a real opportunity to get together in super surroundings. ‘I have been a member of Young at Heart since it started in early May, so I and fellow members were surprised and disappointed to read in the Sussex Express several comments that there is nowhere for older people to go after the day centre closed. As you are interested in what goes on in Heathfield we would like to tell you our very positive experience of Young at Heart. This must be one of the best things to happen recently. We are aged from 60’s to 80’s, all get along well and have made new friends, and had lots of fun and laughter. It is based in a perfect setting, which is peaceful and with such lovely views and plenty of open space. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Rachel and her team are welcoming and caring. We feel part of a big happy family. There is always amazing food and drink, the tables decorated with fresh cut flowers. We appreciate the personal touches and feel totally spoiled. The children from the primary school join us for a few hours, bringing their books to read to us, we play games and have helped them grow sunflowers for the school garden. There are great craft projects to do together, such as decoupage, glass painting and decorating cupcakes, and we have even found some hidden talents. We also do outdoor games with the children, like boules, jenga, kerplunk and pick-up-sticks, which while being fun, must also be good for our mobility and dexterity. The mix of generations works incredibly well, each learns and benefits from the other. Also I was encouraged from the start to take my dog and this has been successful too, the other members and the children enjoy stroking and talking to her. As a rescue dog she was shy with children but now she has no problem and loves being part of the group. We have also had live music, old gramophone records, chutney and cheese tasting, baby rabbits to cuddle. So you will see the entertainment is varied and therapeutic. My neighbour Ivan Netschepir, a nurse in the Older People’s Specialist Mental Health Service, is a supporter and believes there is a great need for a club such as this to help with loneliness, mental health problems and poor nutrition. This club must be unique in this area, possibly in Sussex, and we hope it will grow and that the idea will spread, as we love it. It is a good day out for us, but can also give carers a break if they choose. As members we find Young at Heart really enjoyable and inspiring and want everyone to know about it. As one of our group said ‘there must be many people out there who don’t know what they are missing’. So thank you for your support.’

ROAD CLOSURES: The Street Waldron Phase 2. July 30 to August 15. August 13 to 15 The Street will be closed for resurfacing between 7am and 7pm from the junction of Moat Lane to junction of Whitehouse Lane. The road will be open outside of these hours. Traffic will be diverted via Moat Lane, Foxhunt Green, Rocks Lane and vice versa. How come Waldron is getting the lion’s share of the ESCC highways resurfacing budget when the roads are already have a billiard table smooth surface? Is it too much to ask when Heathfield High Street and the road area adjacent to Tilsmore Court will be resurfaced.? Come on Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council I know some of the councillors read this column. Currently the areas mentioned are a disgrace. Answers by email please.

BURWASH: Not technically Heathfield, but as a regular user of the road through Burwash I thought it might be useful information to our readers. It is about time this road was repaired. High Street, Burwash Carriageway Resurfacing Tuesday August 28 for four weeks. High Street will be closed to through traffic between 8pm and 6am from Batemans Lane to east of Rectory Close. The road will reopen outside of these hours. Kerbing works will be carried out during the day under temporary traffic lights. These works will start on Tuesday August 28 and are expected to last for up to three days. Traffic will be diverted via A265, B2096 Battle Road, A271 North Trade Road, A2100 London Road, A21 Johns Cross Roundabout, Robertsbridge Bypass, A21 London Road, A265 Station Road and vice versa. Elements of this work will be noisy. Noisy work will stop by midnight. ESCC apologise for any inconvenience. Following a consultation by East Sussex County Council, we will also be installing additional double yellow lines.

WEALDEN DC LOCAL PLAN: You have the opportunity to say whether Wealden District Council’s Proposed Local Plan has been correctly drawn up and is sound, based on the evidence. In this stage of the Local Plan process, the representations you make will be forwarded to an independent planning inspector. This is known as the Representations Stage. It takes place from Monday August 13 until Monday, October 8. ‘Our Proposed Local Plan seeks to balance protection of our environment with growth for the District through to 2028,’ said Councillor Ann Newton, Cabinet member for Planning and Development. ‘Public representations at this stage of the process need to fall into either of two categories: Are you seeking to make representations on the way in which Wealden District Council has prepared the Local Plan? It is likely that your comments will relate to a matter of legal compliance. Do you wish to comment on the actual content of the Plan? Then it will relate to its soundness. This includes whether you think it is justified, effective or consistent with national policy. We have produced some helpful Guidance Notes for respondents to help them. They can be found on the Local Plan pages of the Wealden website.’ The Wealden Local Plan will meet the District’s Objectively Assessed Housing Need. This means 14,228 homes in total should be built across the District between 2013 and 2028. Some 7,700 dwellings are already built or have planning permission. The Plan includes a series of mitigation measures to ensure that the growth and prosperity needed in Wealden does not conflict with environmental responsibilities. Particular concern is given to Ashdown Forest, Lewes Downs and the Pevensey Levels. The focus of growth is in the south of Wealden but the Plan looks to balance housing and economic growth across the District. This is to reduce the need to commute. The delivery of road improvements, schools and medical provision form part of the Wealden Local Plan. Wealden will be working with key local stakeholders, strategic transport providers and developers. They will aim to ensure the funding and delivery of these improvements is in line with the delivery of housing. The Local Plan also identifies land allocations for up to 22,500 net additional sq. metres of employment floor space. There are also other employment space allowances across the District and 4,350 sq. metres net additional retail floor space over the period to 2028. The Proposed Submission Wealden Local Plan, the Guidance Notes for Respondents, and documents associated with the Plan can be found on our web site, Hard copies can also be examined at Wealden District Council’s Vicarage Lane offices, local libraries and some parish and town council offices. Details of where and the times to view these documents can be found on our website.

Representations can be made using the online consultation portal at www.wealden. from August 13 or by downloading a representation form at www.wealden. localplan and emailing to Or posting it to the Planning Policy Team. Representation forms are also available at the Council Offices. Representations received by the District Council by 5pm on Monday, October 8 will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate. The Inspectorate will also be sent the documents used to develop the Wealden Local Plan. An independent planning inspector will then be appointed to examine the documents and consider the points raised during the representations period. We anticipate that the Plan will be examined in public early next year. This will involve the Inspector taking evidence from interested parties at sessions held within the District. For further information or assistance, please contact the Planning Policy Team by telephone on: 01892 602008 or by email at:

MAYFIELD AND FIVE ASHES: Parish Council Holidays. Summer Holiday Office Closure Dates.

The Parish Council Office will be closed from August 17 to September 3. Please note that minutes of meetings are available for viewing online at: and at the Parish Council Office.

PC GRANTS: One of the important roles of the Parish Council is to provide grants to organisations within Mayfield and Five Ashes to help them move forward with their own projects. Our grants policy can be found on the Parish Council website at: in the Key Documents/Finance section along with the approved grant application form. To apply for a grant for 2019/20 you will need to submit your application to the Parish Clerk by September 30, with the financial information required. Individual grants may be made available up to a maximum of £500. They have to be match funded so applicants must cover at least 50 percent of the total project cost. If you do not have internet access please contact the Parish Council office on: 01435 873784 so a copy of the grants policy and application form can be forwarded to you.

BACK LANE: Five Ashes. ESCC is proposing the seasonal closure of Back Lane (Byway 87) to prohibit motor vehicles between October 1 and March 31 each year. (This is the lane that links the A267 opposite Crier’s Lane to Leeds Lane). This was discussed by the Rights of Ways and Trees Committee at their last meeting and there were no objections raised.

PLANNING ALERTS: Did you know you can now get alerts from Wealden District Council about the three most recent planning applications within 1 km of your property? You will need to sign up to My Wealden: www. and set your planning radius on your account details page.

CLOSE PASS OF A HORSE: Operation Crackdown has recently added a new reporting category, Close pass of a horse to look to evidence of an increasing amount of near miss reports that are received. This category is in addition to the Close pass of a Cyclist which has been in place for a year now. As with all reports to Op Crackdown, you will need the registration number of the vehicle concerned and ideally some form of corroborative evidence such as helmet cam. Visit:

SHOPPING ONLINE: Much as we would all like to shop locally the reality is a large number of residents do shop online. Many of you may use Amazon. If you do please would you consider logging into Amazon using Amazon Smile instead. MAYFACS have registered with Amazon Smile and we will receive 0.5 percent of your purchase cost every time you buy from them. There is no difference in the price of the goods. 1166647 is the charity number. If you just log into Amazon Smile and are searching for us, use our charity number to find the correct page or copy and paste this URL into your search engine.

CROSS IN HAND: Isenhurst Junction. Although no accidents have been reported a large amount of headlight glass and debris were at the bottom of one of the island bollards opposite the bus stop (so some form of accident had happened.) Unlucky August 13 for one or two motorists.