East Hoathly

GIFT DAY: Come and see the Harvest decorations (taking shape). Financial gifts can be left at the following times 9.30am to 11am Chiddingly, 11am to 12.30pm East Hoathly.

HARVEST SERVICES: Harvest Thanksgiving Services, Sunday, Chiddingly 9.30am and East Hoathly 11am. Gifts of packet/tinned/non perishable food will be donated to our local Foodbanks Chiddingly donations to Hailsham Foodbank and East Hoathly donations to Uckfield Foodbank. Urgently needed food items for Hailsham/Chiddingly: Longlife/UHT milk, Longlife apple/orange juice, tinned soup, tinned spaghetti, tinned vegetables, instant mash, toilet rolls, shower gel, shampoo, deodorants. They have got plenty of ladies sanitary products. Urgently needed food items for Uckfield/East Hoathly: tinned potatoes, custard, tinned meat, rice pudding, instant coffee, 500gms packs sugar, jam, sponge puddings. They have got plenty of baked beans, pasta, breakfast cereal, tea bags, tinned tuna, tinned soup.