Falmer news
Falmer news

LONDON VISIT: We visited London last weekend for an organ concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It was all that we had hoped for, it was very exhilarating. Sadly the journey was not, we had been warned to expect rail track works and knew that there were bus services from Brighton to Three Bridges, going up was fine, but our return journey was like a nightmare. The train from London to take us to Three Bridges was late and then to accommodate a crowded train full of passengers onto buses in the car park of the station in complete darkness was frightening. Thankfully staff and passengers were really patient and the potential accident, that I kept seeing, did not happen.

MONDAY MORNING: Helped to get me back on track. Working on my allotment I was greeted by the biggest toad so well camouflaged against the yellow and green of the weeds and grass. I do hope there are more, there are certainly enough slugs for him/her to eat.

NATURE: Working on a sunny day last week in the garden I kept hearing popping as if someone was throwing stones, even hitting the house windows. I suddenly realised what it was, they were the seeds from my acanthus releasing themselves and flying through the air. Isn’t nature just wonderful.

BUS STOP: I thought work was starting at the end of September on the lay-by for the bus stop. I shall have to do some detective work. I am so disappointed.