Falmer news
Falmer news

STOP START: Rosemarie wrote about her disappointment about the delays regarding the promised work to the bus stop. We were told that work would start at the end of August, and nothing happened. However we have had a new letter from Highways England assuring us that work will start on the realignment of the stop on October 30 and last four weeks. There will be a closure of Lane 1 westbound from 8pm to 6am. Anyone wanting further information about the work can contact Highways England on 01732 446800 or email: area4enquiries@aone.uk.com or info@highwaysengland.gov.uk This is good news, it would be good to have that stop back in service so that villagers don’t have to slog up the hill from the train station when returning from Lewes. I’m not holding my breath though.

UP TO TOWN: If you read Rosemarie’s column last week you will know she had just returned from a trip to London, well so have I. We went up to visit family and have our first experience of the Globe Theatre. We saw a production of Much Ado About Nothing which was absolutely wonderful. We hired cushions, and I am glad we did, as the wooden seats were not that comfy, but the quality of the acting and the whole production was so gripping that we didn’t think about the comfort of the seating at all. Fortunately our travelling experiences (both getting up to and returning from London) were fine with no delays or cancellations and negotiating the tubes and buses that we needed getting to and from our destinations were all running on time, I think we were very lucky.

STORM: We arrived back to Falmer on Monday morning and what a strange day it was. A curious sort of orange glow seemed to be in the sky all day. Apparently the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia had picked up dust over the Sahara and that was reflecting a red light. We are very fortunate to be living on the Eastern side of the country as the west took a terrible battering. Watching the images on the news brought back memories of the storm of 1987 when we in the South East were in the firing line and woke to such terrible destruction.

COMING UP: The next in the Falmer Lecture series will be Busy Bees and Twinkling Stars, children’s books in the first half of the 19th century. The lecture will be given by Dr Sandra Williams from the School of Education, University of Brighton. I am really looking forward to this one. The lecture starts at 6.30pm and will be at the University of Sussex Meeting House, entry is free. We have a concert entitled Dawn Chorus with Caffeine coming up on November 4 and our Christmas market will be on the weekend of November 11 and 12. Look out for further details here.