Falmer news
Falmer news

MARKET: Last weekend we hosted a wonderful Christmas craft market with such a lot of wonderfully talented makers. We had hand carved spoons,(actually being carved while we watched) beautiful hand-made cards, hand knitted scarves and snoods and hats, hand painted silk scarves, beautifully embroidered gift ideas, cute felted squirrels for your Christmas tree (red of course) and so much more. I had to succumb to the charms of Joyce Moore’s incredibly intricate rag dolls, with removable dresses and underwear she is sitting in my living room until Christmas. We hope to make the Christmas fair a regular event, it certainly seemed popular with our visitors.

BUS STOP: Good news. The bus stop that has been closed for many many months, is gradually being extended at both ends. Looking down from the bridge today, it looked as though quite a few metres are being added to each end. It seems we will have a functioning bus stop before too long.

CONCERT: We have a wonderful concert taking place at St Laurence this weekend, The Secret Life of Lutheran Chorales will take place at the later time of 7pm on Saturday (tomorrow). The concert has been touring and features Leah Stuttard, (gothic harp), and Agnethe Christensen, voice, Baltic lyres (kankles, gussli), bell. The musicians explain: Martin Luther’s chorale melodies are familiar to many people. They are still sung in churches and in concert halls, absorbed into living traditions and the classical cannon. These unassuming tunes have a value which our project is going to highlight in this 500th anniversary year of the beginning of the reformation. We’ll make you see the humble hymn in a different light. I am looking forward to it.

200TH CELEBRATION: We are nearing the end of our church’s celebration year and our special events. We still have some really lovely 200th celebration mugs available, either singly or in a gift pack of four, also some very useful cloth bags, (I ended up buying myself two last weekend). Still to come we will be having a Nativity play which will take place around Falmer, ending up at the Inn (the Swan). Watch this column for more details.